Next on the GOP's chopping block: Health care for state employees

Your family members need not apply:

State employees could lose access to a popular health insurance option and see costs for other options rise under changes the North Carolina State Health Plan board of trustees is due to vote on Friday.

Executives who run the health plan, which covers state workers, teachers and retirees, have also recommended that the board consider eliminating coverage for spouses, likely sending most of them to shop for coverage on Affordable Care Act exchanges.

The wording in the Budget that forced this horrible idea should be considered a precursor of a Taxpayer's Bill Of Rights (TABOR) if that poison pill is ever put before the voters. And I have little confidence the voters would be able to see past the hype and pseudo-patriotic language to understand how damaging it would be.



State employees already pay

State employees already pay the full amount for spouse and children coverage. Only the actual employee has premium costs paid (or most of it paid in the case of the 80/20) by the the employer. The current policies are mediocre at best after years of reducing the quality. In many cases it is cheaper to buy spouse and child coverage on the individual market anyway, but that should be up to the employees to decide.

It was once the case that you took a job with the state at a lower salary because of the benefits and job security. Those positives have pretty much disappeared.

I'm a moderate Democrat.