'No Bain, No Gain'

From the Conscience of a Liberal blog on NY Times site by Paul Krugman:

[Some] are apparently uncomfortable with the notion of going after Romney the man and wish that the White House would focus solely on Romney’s policy proposals.

This is remarkably naive. I agree that the awfulness of Romney’s policy proposals is the main argument against his candidacy. But the Bain focus isn’t a diversion from that issue, it’s complementary. Given the realities of politics — and of the news media, as I’ll explain in a minute — any critique of Romney’s policies has to make use of his biography


Krugman is known more for his economics books and his money views than as a political writer, but this column is well worth reading. I am not a "vote for the man/woman not the Party" person, but for those who are, policy matters, but so does history and biography.


You know if Republicans had been handed the gift

of the "etch-a-sketch", that's all we would be hearing about this year. There would be a phalanx of republicans following Obama around waiving etch-a-sketches at the media at every one of the president's campaign stops.

The focus on Bain is a sign that Dems can seize on an advantageous political topic and work it 'til it hurts the other guy. We could use a little pit bull from time to time.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

The fact that Mitt Romney had a big press conference

to say that this Bain attack is unacceptable, means they must really be scared. I say let him have it. Like you said Republicans will use anything they can against an opponent. Why shouldn't the Dems? Typical Republican. Hit your opponent with every tool in the shed and cry foul when they get a taste of it in return. I think it is working too. If you have to spend your time playing defense you aren't playing offense. Hit him with everything you have and don't let up. Unfortunately negative is the most effective campaign method.

If you tout your Bain experience as a credential for the office, then we have a right to scrutinize said experience and how it may shape your policy.