No-Class Paul Stam Attacks Governor Jim Hunt


Here was the churlish response of state Rep. Paul Stam, a Wake County Republican, to news that N.C. State University wants to name its new library for former Governor Jim Hunt:

“Normally to get your name on a government building, you have to be dead. But I’m not on a crusade about this.”

Good thing he’s not. Because then he’d have to crusade to rename the Holshouser Building at the State Fairgrounds. Memo to Stam: Jim Holshouser, the first Republican Governor in the 20th Century, is still alive.

Not to mention Reagan Airport in Washington, which was renamed before the late President died. Or the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, also in Washington.

We Democrats owe Stam a big thank-you, though. Thanks to Republicans like him, there is little chance North Carolina will have a GOP Governor anytime soon to name anything for – dead or alive.

This got me thinking: what kind of buildings would we name after the GOP minority leader? Here are some ideas:

  • The Skip Stam Sewage Plant - planned to be located strategically in the center of New Hill between the 2 churches in that community. Now every Sunday, the odor will remind worshipers of how poorly Stam defended their rights.
  • The Skip Stam Landfill expansion - As the mountain of garbage greets those entering Holly Springs, it will remind them that Stam was too busy defending marriages to worry about Holly Springs.
  • The Skip Stam Toll Way (now with "Stam Tax"!) - Now as the good citizens of Southern Wake pay twice - once with gas tax and again with a hefty toll ("Stam Tax"), they can remember who neglected the roads. Of course, Stam can't even get funding passed to start building I-540 as a toll road.
  • The Skip Stam Mandatory Year Round School and Trailer Park - Since Stam, a real estate lawyer, fights transfer and impact fees to the exclusion of doing anything for the district, it's only fitting to name an overcrowded school after him.



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There is little to name after Stam; he is against most things

Just think about the things that will not be named for Skip Stam, because he is against almost everything:

There will be no new school buildings named for Stam; he doesn't see the need for schools to keep up with growth.

But, on the other hand, perhaps medical ultrasound machines could be named for Stam. He was a sponsor of HB 1782, a bill to require doctors to perform an ultrasound on a woman before she has an abortion. The bill would also require that certain information about fetal development and alternatives to abortion be provided. The woman would have to sign a statement that the material was offered and wait an hour. This would add to the cost of the abortion. Fortunately the bill died in committee.

He was also a sponsor of HB 1552 to require a 24 hour waiting period before abortions. It also died in committee.

Stam also co-sponsored HB1543, to add a provision to the state constitution to limit the growth in the state budget to inflation plus the growth in population, unless the General Assembly, by a three-fifths majority, approved an increase. Under this limit, the state could only keep up with inflation and growth but could not improve things like education and roads. Things like an increase in number of students compared to the size of the population would not matter. This increase will likely take place if the drop in our high dropout rate resulted in more 17 and 18 year old students in high school.

That bill also died in committee.

John Shaw

Building Naming Contest

While I have to admit I am enjoying my opponent Paul "Skip" Stam being the butt of these jokes, we should not leave out the other GOP "leaders". Maybe the Liddy Dole OLF or a Robin Hayes unemployment office?

Come, jump in with your own favorite entries.

Ed Ridpath

Ed Ridpath

Coy Privette Home for Unwed Mothers

........I'm just sayin'........

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Liddy Dole Retirement Home

right next to the Patrick McHenry State Facility for Incurable Hypocrites and Liars

Carmen Hooker Odom is in charge of their budgets so you know both facilities will be poorly funded, worse than prisons.
News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,