N&O comes to Art Pope's rescue

Even Pope himself doesn't lay it on this thick:

It's painfully hard to understand why detractors demonize a man for providing affordable goods in low-income areas and why they want to jeopardize the jobs of the 7,000 people he employs with a boycott.

Okay, Burgetta, let me explain it to you, since you apparently don't have the capacity to grasp how political influence impacts the lives of citizens:

Pope's anti-government ideology has the potential to take food off people's tables, keep them from getting the health care they need, segregate children of color back to their blighted classrooms, allow bigoted students to "correct" the behavior of their LGBT classmates, force women to run through a gauntlet if they so "choose", and a whole laundry list of other 19th Century bullshit, morally moribund, patriarchal dream sequences that would have most sane individuals sweating and shivering upon awakening.

And while I do think Art deserves recognition for such philanthropy:

In addition to the Alliance Medical Ministry grant, the Pope Foundation gave $5,000 to the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina, $5,000 to Hope Reins of Raleigh, $10,000 to Habitat for Humanity, $10,000 to Hospice of Wake County, $5,000 to the Interfaith Food Shuttle, $25,000 to Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina, $5,000 to the Raleigh Rescue Mission, $5,000 to the Salvation Army, $5,000 to the Shepherd's Table, $25,000 to StepUp Ministry, $10,000 to Urban Ministries, $30,000 to the YMCA - and $5,000 to Safe Haven for Cats.

It's the selective misanthropy that bothers me. And it should bother you, too.

And while we're talking about dollars spent, $10,000 here and $25,000 there, how about a little reference to the $247,314 he spent attacking one man (Snow)? Or the $247,706 against Joe Sam Queen. Or the $117,992 against (my former Senator) Tony Foriest. Or the $110,132 against Steve Goss. Or the $118,189 against Don Davis. The list goes on.

I agree we should not "demonize" Art Pope, and we shouldn't canonize him, either. But for too many years, money has dominated our elected government here in North Carolina, while the rank and file have been (blissfully?) ignorant. Those days are over. We're not going to sit back and let a wealthy scion with a hell of a lot more money than sense drive our state down whatever twisted path he thinks is best. Maybe all we'll be able to do is talk about it. But talk about it we will.


Let's not confuse "opinion" with reporting

Steve, I don't hold Burgetta's little column in high regard, and am puzzled as to why anyone does. Why tag the N&O with responsibility for her opinions when she is just a guest columnist?

The News and Observer offers space to persons who have things to say that may or may not jive with what the editorial staff at the N&O endorses. Is this really a problem for anyone?

I'm confused by the indignation offered that Burgetta -- or that that Rick Martinez guy -- has space to offer an opinion in the pages of a newspaper that purports to serve its subscribers regardless of their political opinions.

As a hard-nosed, opinionated, left-leaning, wide-open liberal, I find that I am more often disappointed in the postings by supposed fellow travelers than I am by the fact that my daily newspaper attempts to provide its readers access to other opinions.

Not a guest

She's on the Editorial Board, Bru.

And as far as me disappointing you, I guess we'll both just have to live with that.

Ach! STEVE!!!!!

No, no, no, no! I regret, repent, condemn and renounce my choice of words to the extent that you thought I was saying I was disappointed in anything you ever said or wrote.

In fact, when I wrote that I was often disappointed, you and your'n were not at all in the little thought bubble wafting over my head.

But back to my point . . . "EDITORIAL," Steve. She isn't a reporter. She's on the editorial board, and submits opinions.

Again, I say, let us not confuse opinion with reporting.

Art's getting frisky

Via e-mail earlier today:

On Sunday, January 22 in the Triangle, you can listen to Art Pope on WRDU 106.1 at 3:00 p.m. If you're outside the Triangle, you can listen online here.

The Liberal/Progressive establishment in North Carolina has been attacking Art Pope relentlessly. Organized liberal organizations including the NCAE, the NC Democratic Party, the NC NAACP and far left lobbying organizations such as DemocracyNC have been spending time and money calling for boycotts of his family's company. In addition they have even gotten help with links on state government websites such as the North Carolina Board of Elections.

On January 15, Art Pope participated in a show with one of his loudest critics, Chris Kromm of the Institute for Southern Studies, which is funded by the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation (headed by former Democratic State Senator Leslie Winner). It remains to be seen if Kromm will return, or another Pope critic such as William Barber the head of the NC NAACP will show up.

If you're wondering why Civitas evoked the name of the Evil Reverend, there's more fundraising afoot:

If you would like to support Art Pope and Civitas in our fight against these attacks, please consider a tax-deductible donation.

Like grammaw used to say, "Go out and break me off a switch so I can beat you with it!"

That column really made me sick

And I don't usually react that way.

Art Pope? How sweet is it to pay Civitas to send men to a non-profit in Chapel Hill that devotes itself to helping preschool children get properly educated? Why were these stooges sent? To ask for email, budgets, etc. to dig up little out-of-context factoids to smear them with. I mean, paying people to hurt children?

You want "painful", Burgetta? Let me take you to see how small children are "educated" in NC.

Besta é tu se você não viver nesse mundo

You know, I was just going to let it go,

but when I came across this remark:

You mean Art Pope doesn't eat cats for breakfast?

It flat-out pissed me off. What I took away from that little snarcasm (and it may just be me, I had a long, challenging day) was the author's belief that Pope's detractors are mostly wacky conspiracy theorists.

Now, I may be a little wacky, and I may occasionally theorize that there's a conspiracy going on. But that doesn't make me a...*sigh*. Nevermind. ;/


So does ALEC have free reign over our state for 10 years?

Some Notes on Pope Art

Listened to part of the Chris Kromm interlude with Pope for two hours. Chris said he will likely put up a copy of dialogue on his site.

With all the fru-fra about Pope, no one seems to mention that one of his main functions is to run loud mouthed propaganda mills, JLF and Civitas, both moron farms. But, here is the kicker, we are seeing his minions quoted more and more in NC and NO ONE seems to be rising to vociferously attack them, each and every time. John Hood gets a Saturday super column in Burlington Times News where he spins lots of rightwing arcane garbage. Pope is of a type with Murdoch, putting money into long term propaganda, really long term. A solid and undying curse on Pope! I have no sympathy or understanding for him - he is subverting the body politic for reasons even he does not understand.



Cancelled Subscription

I cancelled my subscription this morning after reading that love note to Pope, then sent a letter to the editor explaining how it was so much trash (the article, not the N&O itself - they still have a decent comics section if you skip the brain-dead duck).