N&O to Dole & Burr: Do your Jobs

I have to say, I sure am liking the N&O's editorial page lately. Steve Ford and Company are all over the OLF controversy . . . and they're going great guns. Thursday's paper calls on Liddy Dole and Richard Burr to get off their butts and do their darn jobs:

For Dole and Burr, military-friendly senators in a state that touts itself as the military-friendliest, this can't be an easy call. It's time, however, that they make one. This issue has been in the news for five years and two environmental studies, neither of them convincing in making the case for the Navy's choice of a site.

Instead, as The N&O reported Sunday, the senators are noncommittal. "It's a matter of process," said Dole. She has met with OLF opponents and says she'll raise her questions about the site soon. Said Burr: "I don't think it's a member of Congress' role to tell the Navy where or where not to place something."

We've had plenty to say about that here at BlueNC, but it's really nice to see the guys who buy ink by the barrel coming around on this issue.

So the next step, the one Burr and Dole should be advocating, is for the Navy to take a new, honest and searching look for the best OLF site -- which is almost certainly not the one near Pocosin Lakes.

Asking the Navy to take an "honest and searching look" is probably hoping for too much. Better for Dole and Burr to simply tell the Navy that the Site C OLF is not going to fly. The Navy needs to find another option. Now.



going to the North Carolina Conservation Network and writing a letter that will be delivered to Dole, Burr and your congressional rep. Here's the LINK and if you like to copy and paste...here are some words for your letter:

Subject: Please oppose the Navy OLF - Site C

The US Navy wants to use the the Pocosin Lakes wildlife refuge for an F-18 Harrier Jet training area. The Navy plans to destroy over 20,000 acres of forage land. kill the swans and geese that frequent the area, and drive away other endangered species. The Navy will exercise Eminent Domain to take nearby family farms in one of the most egregious land grabs this country has ever seen.

Numerous of your constituents have written to you asking for your help. Not one North Carolinian who values the beauty of our state and the few remaing wild creatures that contribute to our ecology and quality of life want this field. The Navy has other options. Don't let them destroy our state.

Your future as our elected representative may well hinge on whether or not you help save this magnificent natural resource.

Please ACT NOW to stop the Navy Site C OLF.

Stan Bozarth

Hell just froze over

I have to say, I sure am liking the N&O's editorial page lately. Steve Ford and Company are all over the OLF controversy . . . and they're going great guns.


Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Heh. I wondered why it got so cold in here.

Working as I do on top of the the Hellmouth (the only explanation for the chaos and odd noises coming through the phone), I figured things would be getting warmer. Hmm. Go figure.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

I advocate for

the "no action", or dont put an OLF period in NC option for this OLF. This option has always been there, and we need to start advocating and rallying behind that option.

This OLF is truely not needed.

Dole and Burr have to read the AICUZ instruction. This document will show Dole that the Navy is not following the process by doing the drastic steps of acuiring developed lands, failing to develop a partnership with the local governments and failing to document any failures on the local government to to not support the airfield in question and for Burr, it will show that congress has to approve taking developed lands.

This AICUZ instruction also recognizes that the NEPA process in some cases has to be inititated. The Navy may not have started this NEPA process because of this instruction, but the process has been derailed along time ago when they continued to persue this OLF after a determination that there is not need.

Since this OLF is not needed, the local governments should have the only voice in if it gets placed within our counties as it is the responsibilty of the local governments to support this airfield. None of the local governments of the 5 potential sites wants this OLF site.

Our elected officals should be backing our desires. All of the elected state officials in NC should be backing these local governments. The soverignty of our state is in question here.

Are we a suburb of VA or are we the State of North Carolina?

Comment to CAMA by March 16

CAMA comment important

Action Alert – by March 16


You have an important opportunity to help prevent the Navy from constructing a destructive outlying landing field (OLF) next to Pungo Lake and Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge and near Lake Phelps and Pettigrew State Park. The Navy’s decision to construct the landing field must be consistent with North Carolina’s coastal management program. North Carolina’s coastal management program designates Pungo Lake and Phelps Lake as Areas of Environmental Concern. As Areas of Environmental Concern, Pungo Lake and Phelps Lake must be managed to maintain their biological, aesthetic, and economic values.

If you enjoy Pungo Lake and/or Phelps Lake, the spectacular waterfowl, and the peaceful settings, please EMAIL or WRITE the North Carolina Division of Coastal Management BY MARCH 16 AND ENCOURAGE THE DIVISION OF COASTAL MANAGEMENT TO DETERMINE THAT THE NAVY’S OLF IS INCONSISTENT WITH NORTH CAROLINA’S COASTAL MANAGEMENT PLAN.

If you visit Pungo Lake and the refuge, or Phelps Lake, tell the agency why. If you are concerned about the impacts of a landing field on the swans and geese, let the agency know. If you spend money in the area on your visit, let the agency know. If you just enjoy knowing these wild places exist, tell the agency. AGAIN, ENCOURAGE THE DIVISION OF COASTAL MANAGEMENT TO DETERMINE THAT THE NAVY’S LANDING FIELD IS INCONSISTENT WITH MAINTAINING THE BIOLOGICAL, AESTHETIC, AND ECONOMIC VALUES OF PUNGO LAKE.

It is very important to generate quickly as many letters and emails as possible. Together, we can stop this ill-advised Navy landing field and protect Pungo Lake and Phelps Lake, the wildlife refuge, and the waterfowl for future generations.

Send emails to: Stephen.Rynas@ncmail.net

Send letters to:

Division of Coastal Management
Attn: Stephen Rynas
400 Commerce Avenue
Morehead City, NC 28557

The issue is about the OLF's compliance/consistency with the CAMA land use plans of the counties. Our comments will be focused on the CRC guidelines that the state needs to be enforcing here, and the counties themselves are addressing the issue of their respective land use plans.

To help build the case, here's what's needed: (1) statements that you (or anyone who's writing DCM) go to Pungo Lake and/or Phelps Lake to see birds, and the operation of the OLF will displace the birds and ruin that experience; (2) you go to these places also to enjoy the beauty, quiet and solitude, commune with mature/meditate/experience transcendence/etc., and get away from city/town life, and the noise from the OLF will destroy that experience; (3) when you engage in these activities, you spend money in the community -- go to restaurants, stay overnight in hotels/b&bs/inns or camp -- and you tell other people that this is a great ecotourism destination. The OLF will drive you and other ecotourists away. These statements are needed because state regulations require the Division of Coastal Management to protect the "biological, aesthetic and economic values" of public trust areas of environmental concern, which includes state waters such as the lakes. Demonstrating how the OLF violates these values provides the state with the legal basis they need to deny consistency.


I called the Perquimans County CAMA rep to see if the Navy put in a CAMA request like this one for my county, NOPE, none in.

By looking at the language of this CAMA request, it address Washington site and no other. Hummmmm, thought the final decision was still out on this?

Also, part of this travisty for this CAMA is the navy is making us respond to a DRAFT, and not the final.

So, what the Navy is doing is making us say what we will to fight this, then in the FINAL, if they actually care about us, they will "fix" what we identifed as a problem, and the world is all rosey.

My comment to CAMA is that it is "inconsistant" because they have not FINALIZED anything, and to comment on a DRAFT is inappropriate and wrong.

Just another example of the contempt the Navy has towards the people of the soverign state of North Carolina.