This N&O headline says it all

GOP legislative leaders milk special interest PACs for campaign cash. So much for all that warm and fuzzy bullshit we've been hearing from Thom Tillis and his Republican partners in crime.


Update on McCrory

For a guy who supposedly wants to be the governor of all of North Carolina, not just the red parts, Pat McCrory sure likes to dodge engagement.

I've asked him many times through email and here at BlueNC to answer some of our questions, but he won't even reply with a "hell no."

Not a peep, not a word, not a shred of political courage.

I know I speak for many of the 10,000+ people who visit BlueNC every month when I say, "What's are you afraid of, Pat? If you get to be governor, are you going to continue to duck and hide from people who don't agree with you?"


Email sent:

Hi there.

I'm writing to ask if you'd be willing to grace us with a visit at BlueNC. The forum would consist of open questions from community members over the course of a 24-hour period ... which you'd be free to answer, ignore, challenge, or whatever. Mostly a chance for us to ask question the mainstream media don't seem to be addressing.

Naturally, you're welcome to register and post anything you want at anytime, just like any other person who wants to participate in discussions with independent-minded progressives.

Thanks for your consideration.