No, it's not over

On the day after the presidential election, I took my American flag down and hoisted it up again ... upside down. It's been flying that way ever since.

Yesterday, a jogger decked out in Under Armour everything came slogging by and yelled at me while I was working in the yard. "It's over," he said. "Put your flag up right." "It ain't over till I say it's over," I replied. "And it's nowhere near over."

A flag flying upside down is a symbol of grave danger. I see no sign that the US is in any less danger today than we were five months ago. If anything, we are in more danger because people like my neighborhood jogger are sliding into a kind of quiet acceptance of the atrocity that currently occupied the White House. My protest may not be especially effective, but it's what I can do right now.

Fuck you, Trump.




My camper

I still have my Clinton yard sign out

Fuck them. Particularly jogging asshole. If they can have their Gadsden flags and confederate battle flags, then they can deal with my Clinton yard sign.

It's over for me

At least, "business as usual" is over for me.

After Cooper pushed through his HB2 "compromise", I filled out the paperwork to cancel my voter registration.

I think the only way that the Democratic party has any kind of future is getting a "wake up call" that they're out of touch not only with their base, but with the changing attitudes about racial and income inequality, LGBT rights, and other issues.

Trying to appeal to some mythical "middle of the road" conservative voters is a dead end. They're too wrapped up in bullshit from FoxNews and Breitbart to listen to any Democrat.

My efforts now will be in supporting organizations like the ACLU, NAACP, the SPLC, and others that are exposing corruption and lies from the Right and backing it up with lawsuits and direct protest action.

As it stands, neither political party represents me as a citizen.

The Democratic Party is a herd of cats

I like to work with many groups. I work within the D party when it suits me but I am very capable of heading off on my own when the county* party does not want to play. Our local environmental group has a couple Trumpers - I don't know that I will be able to work with them, even on shared goals. I suppose I'll find out if and when the situation presents itself.
(*I don't do much at the state level)