The N&O needs a new pundit

I know the N&O is having a hard time breaking its Puppetshow habit, but can't they find anyone more insightful than Andy Taylor as their academic apologist for Republican shenanigans? This is getting ridiculous.

For now the vast majority of anonymous donations is by conservative groups. Taylor, the political scientist, said, though, that he doesn't think that will remain the case. "A lot of the reason we are seeing a lot of it being Republican money or conservative money, is because it's a Republican year, and those guys are energized and want to give," he said.

Why didn't the reporter ask Taylor to explain his absurd claim? Why didn't he get a clarification as to what Taylor means by "those guys" who want to give? Because if he had asked the question, we'd know that "those guys" are approximately fifty rich businessmen, including owners foreign corporations, who are attempting to buy our elected government right out from under us.

Adding injury to insult, Taylor concludes:

You'll see a lot of Democratic groups doing the same thing.

Pardon my French, but what the hell is he talking about? The notion that average citizens and Democratic "groups" will eventually rise to the cause and match the millions flowing from corporate donors is every bit as vapid as the professor himself. This isn't about "groups," dear professor. This is about U.S. and foreign corporations that are staging a full-fledged coup, while you fiddle in the wings in Art Pope's sideshow.

Surely the N&O can find someone in North Carolina who actually understands the unfolding corporate takeover of our democracy. Andy Taylor, for all his charm, misses that mark by a wide margin.


Neutral my ass

When you have to use the word "neutral" multiple times in a short pundit profile, you can be sure the word doesn't really apply. From the N&O profile page.

Meet the Puppet

There are several reasons: Taylor is pithy, neutral and accessible. For television reporters in need of a talking head, he's a short drive away. And his British accent is a nice change-up for radio reporters in need of an expert.

Taylor attributes his readiness to talk to the press to his job.

"It's an important part of our job responsibilities at N.C. State as a public institution," he said. "One of our charges is that we're here not just to serve our students but also the greater community. I take very personally the responsibility to inform the public."

He's also a reliably neutral source, more likely to talk about the history or context of a news story than to take a stand on an issue. He says his students regularly complain in their course evaluations that they don't know where he stands.

His department is funded by the same guys

You'd think that would merit a mention.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

Great point, Dr. Frank

A point which calls for an update to my map of the evil empire.