No Single Issue Movements & The Start of a New Chapter

Here are some clippings from the interns blogging on the front lines of democracy. If you like what you see, then click over to read them in full!

Charlotte Team: "No Single Issue Movements"

Our July 4th event will probably go down as one of the highlights of my summer. Offering a space where members of the community could share their voices and express themselves proved extremely powerful and productive.

On the surface what I have done in the past few weeks may seem disjointed, going from a spoken word event to meeting with a law professor about a local food justice initiative to planning a press conference highlighting the rights of people with criminal records—a continuously marginalized group. But in my perspective, all of the actions I have done this summer are inextricably tied. Black feminist queer poet Audre Lorde writes, “There are no single issue movements, for we do not lead single issue lives.”

Greenville Team: "The Start of a New Chapter"

This week has started off with our regular routine of Phone Banking, but this time we were focusing on a different issue: Getting People out to Vote in the runoff election!

The Move to Amend tour stopped through Greenville, NC on Tuesday night and we were in attendance to hear David Cobb

Today marks the first meeting of Democracy Rocky Mounty, and we will be discussing plans pertaining to Souls to the Polls, Youth Outreach/September Voter Registration Awareness Month and the County Board of Election Outreach. We are very excited to be having our first meeting and looking forward to it being a success! We will be wrapping our week up with some Voter Registration in Kinston and we have a meeting scheduled to speak with Mayor King of Goldsboro, NC.



Thanks for posting this. Well worth the watch.


GOTV for the run-off must be brutally difficult.


I mean I'd like to think of myself as someone who is especially civically engaged, and even I haven't voted yet. But I'm hoping to find time tomorrow. I know the Greenville team and I will be working out in Kinston and Greenville all day Tuesday so tomorrow really is my best shot.

That said, the interns seem to be enjoying these calls. All the calls against photo ID were very important, but its a more complicated thing to explain during a call, and there is something much more direct and satisfying about talking to folks about utilizing their civic duty to vote.

Here are some shots from our time on the road this week doing voter reg at a community health center and meeting with the Mayor of Goldsboro:

Street Theater

This just in from the Triad Team: "Street Theater"

We had our first kick-off event for our “We the People” Truth Tour titled “The Art of Democracy”, an event at central plaza downtown. Along with engaging pedestrians, we got to enjoy a fun time with fellow organizers outdoors drinking lemonade, watching short documentaries on money and politics as it pertains to the threat to our democracy, and throwing bags of “money” at our 6 foot 5 inches tall Uncle Sam. We shouted, “Help our politicians! They’re drowning in corporate money,” and saw their reactions as we gave them the raw facts. The street theatre gave us a chance to engage in productive dialogue, pre-register teenagers, and get some good media coverage—a productive and learning experience.

Deadline for voting in run-off elections

Get your run-off ballot mailed by tomorrow to have any chance of it being counted on Tuesday as absentee ballot. I just mailed mine in this afternoon.

Absentee Voting at One-Stop Sites info from State Board of Elections:

One-Stop voting locations and hours
of operation by county.

Martha Brock

Cast my vote today #196

I cast my vote today. Was number #196. Someone else was in there voting at the same time, and it looked like someone was driving up as I was leaving, so Orange County may break 200 votes.

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