No Words Needed


GREENVILLE, N.C., January 14, 2007 - Hundreds of church members gathered today near a North Carolina church that burned Saturday night.

Another Baptist church caught fire about a mile away. A break-in was discovered at a third.

Authorities won't say if the fires were arson, but witnesses report seeing someone fleeing after one of the blazes began. Damage is estimated at more than a million dollars.


What in the world?

What is going on here, is this happening nationwide? Is this something that happens each year?

So much for the "New South".

Where are the candidates?

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I assume what you meant by "the New South"

Is that these are racially motivated. In point of fact they are white churches and there have been other cases of arson in the same area (not churches).

Memorial is a huge building with a million dollars worth of damage.

Baptist Churches in Greenville Troubles

Was it just a few months ago that the State Baptist Convention took a very very hard stand on not even allowing gay persons to attend? I heard of some families who had been very active supportive and loyal Baptists who have had to walk away from their church they had attended for several generations.

The leadership has gone too far in the direction of power and cruelty. That level of Audacity and Fear and Meanness creates stress.

But I do not know what the post title meant by

"No Words Needed"

I do pine for some explanation. The linked news story did not give much information.


Maybe it should have been "no words adequate"

There are only a few sketchy details coming out. I do not think that this is a reaction to anti-gay churches; although it may be.