North Carolina deserves better

The biggest obstacle to Representative Paul "Skip" Stam being the next N.C Speaker of the House is now three months away, November 6th, 2012. Voters in District 37 will have the opportunity to prevent the Architect of Amendment One from continuing to push his policies through the North Carolina Legislature. One of the very important things at stake is our public schools. Represtative Stam has continually attempted to privatize public education, but has so far failed to have any of his legislation approved. Another term will give Representative Stam ample time to create yet another tax incentive for parents to pull their children out of public schools. As Speaker of the House, the influence Stam carries will be far reaching. He succeeded in writing discrimination into the Constitution, he succeeded in destroying the Racial Justice Act, he succeeded in ensuring that a mistaken vote ushered in Fracking and he will succeed in dismantling our public education system.

I am running with a well organized, experienced campaign team and we are ready to see the Stam era in state government end. In just three months this can be a reality. What a major victory for our state to send the House Majority Leader (and probable next Speaker of the House) home. As a former educator and experienced attorney, I'm excited and ready to represent the people of our great state. I ask for your support as this critical election draws near. North Carolina deserves better!


Wishing you the best

Stam is a hideous human being. Contribution coming tomorrow.

Message from Wunsch

I appreciate it James. North Carolina definitely deserves better!