North Carolina on its way to becoming the next Alabama

Forget about the challenges of being a nanny state, Tea Party Republicans have doubled down on becoming a "dead-beat dad" state full of angry fathers who won't let local governments run their own operations. What's happening in Birmingham is just the kind of collapse the GOP wants.

If you want to take a broad view, the trouble really began with the Constitutional Convention of the State of Alabama in 1901. The document that emerged there ... gives towns and counties little authority over local issues. Local taxing power rests with the state, though state lawmakers are loath to wield it today, in an age of anti-tax populism. Last summer, the Supreme Court of Alabama struck down a tax that was a crucial source of revenue for Jefferson County, finally pushing the county over the brink.


Teabagger paradise

Sounds like a Teabagger's wet dream.

Ordinary citizens can’t do much at this point. Jefferson County has even canceled municipal elections scheduled for this August. It seems that there’s no money for voting booths, either.

Maybe some rich "patriot" like Art Pope or the Kochs will come to their rescue and buy the good people of Jefferson County an election.

In an attempt to expand the system and add new ratepayers, the county tried to bore a giant tunnel beneath the Cahaba River, Birmingham’s main source of drinking water. But the tunnel was so unstable that the endeavor was abandoned. The county spent millions just to extract the boring machine, which had become entombed underground.

“That cost $19 million,” Mr. Young told the bond analysts. “Now it’s called ‘the Tunnel to Nowhere.’ ”

All they need now is for crazy Sister Sarah to come to their rescue.


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail

Raise those baggy pants dude!

Nothing like Alabama as a Republican Paradise of limited Government... The State Legisture has just pass a committee Bill limiting the Brothers to wearing Baggy Pants down below their ASS.. I can't wait until some Alabama law offical arrests the entire Auburn Basketball team for wearing Baggy Team Shorts..