North Carolina's budding idiocracy

Do you think Pat McCrory has any idea what a joke he is becoming?

Oh yes, McCrory has done and said some very stupid things since becoming governor six months ago. Some, like the decision to make North Carolina the only state in which the jobless are ineligible for federal unemployment benefits, were foisted on him by Republican legislators as he came into office. That one decision, which takes effect July 1, will cost 70,000 North Carolinians who've lost their jobs approximately $600 million through the end of 2013—money they desperately need and that the state's economy needs.


I don't think he's a joke.

There's really nothing to laugh about. I think the man is genuinely evil. Noam Chomsky said in an interview years ago (I paraphrase) that when someone gives enough legitimacy to some subjects to debate it/them, it proves they've already lost their humanity. Our legislature / government in NC has lost its humanity. There is, apparently, no level of suffering that their actions cause that they are unwilling to debate or justify...if they choose even to do that. Mostly, it's just rammed down people's throats. The actions of the Civitas group are also evil. This isn't just "politics," it's a campaign to smear / intimidate good people who happen to civilly disagree with the decisions and behavior of the GOP in Raleigh.

I realize the inappropriateness of comparing Nazi's to almost anything because their evil is almost beyond comparison. Yet, the idea of denying thousands basic health care and unemployment benefits and the idea of shifting the tax burden away from their elite friends and onto the already struggling common folks, and the idea of posting people's id's as a form of essentially state-sponsored retribution/persecution...etc., begs comparison. What's next?

I suggest we start referring to McCrory as "Il Duce di Nord Carolina."

Stan Bozarth