North Carolinians Have Seen This Ad Over 100,000 Times!

We're taking the fight to Richard Burr.

We're currently running a hard-hitting facebook ad against Richard Burr - but we need your help to run it.

If you're on facebook and you live in North Carolina, you've probably seen it. It makes it very clear where Richard Burr's priorities are:

Richard Burr's Bad Job

Burr created foreign jobs
when he voted to export
bomb-grade uranium, but he
voted against North Carolina
jobs. Paid for by GFT PAC.

The ad has made over 100,000 impressions in North Carolina so far. We need your help to keep hitting Richard Burr.

$150 helps us run our ad campaign for a day. $100 helps us run the Burr ad for a day. $25 helps us run a volunteer recruitment or donation ad for a day. Donate today to help us get the truth out!

Sam Spencer
Executive Director
Grassroots Farm Team PAC


Now it's over 500,000

Thank you to everyone who has donated!