Not even surprised.

I took my son and my mom to the State Fair this past Saturday. It was a gorgeous day, high of about 70F and big fluffy clouds everywhere. We rode the TTA State Fair special bus from Chapel Hill (much better than parking in Raleigh), and we had a blast, riding the rides and looking at the exhibits. My son and I rode the Ferris Wheel, the one closest to the Kerr Scott Bldg. and Gate 10. I really enjoy the view that comes from being so high off the ground, and am always interested in seeing things from a new perspective.
One of the things that I could see really well was a giant roll-off trash container that was situated on the other side of a row of trucks that had brought the rides and booths to the fairgrounds. I looked at this roll-off dumpster and noticed several very large pieces of corrugated cardboard in it, including one from a flat of pumpkins (you know, the very large boxes that pumpkins are shipped in to the grocery store). The pumpkins had been placed around the Scott Bldg. on little artful displays which included hay bales and corn shocks and scarecrows, presumably built by the Fair staff. Every Fair employee is an agent of or a subcontractor for the NC Agricultural Department. If the Ag. Dept. can't even be bothered to follow the well-established laws regarding the disposal of corrugated cardboard, how in the heck can we expect anyone else to?
Now that I think about it, I didn't see a single recycling bin anywhere at the Fair. I can't even be bothered to get angry about it, I'm so unsurprised.


I thought the Fair was supposed to be educational,

in addition to being entertaining. With tens of thousands of attendees, it's a perfect venue to teach environmental messages.

How many eco booths did you see? Sierra Club, etc.?

There were a few here and

There were a few here and there, but mostly I spent time on the Midway, being towed by a small boy. We did notice that the tractor-tram was biodiesel powered, and there was more than one mention of Piedmont Biofuels, especially on the Nas-cow (a car shaped like a cow, dressed like a Nascar racecar).
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How very interesting.

I hope you will write this as a LTE to the N&O.

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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Done! - BJ

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The waste at so many levels is mind boggling.

Our culture is such that noone thought of it?? And noone has thought about it for years and years. Well, we can remind them next year. I would hope that the NCDP booth had some bins.

Anyone else have some good news to report ala some recycyling going on that wasn't so obvious from 100' in the air?? (he said hopefully)

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They thought . . . but not for long

The State Fair has been approached numerous time about recycling by interest groups and by the folks at Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance (a state agency). They do make some efforts (I believe they have something going with animal manure -- which is not insignificant) but as for the things that you are most likely to notice -- not so much. I think that until they are legally required to become more proactive, their efforts toward reduction, reuse or recycling will remain unimpressive.

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yeah, but

The thing is that it IS required. Cardboard, for example, is illegal to throw away state-wide. Has been for well over a decade now. I'm pretty sure the same is true with aluminium cans.

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