Now is the time to talk to your republican friends and family and tell them you hope that if they get what they want...

You hope they get it good and hard! And, you know what, if Romney is elected, they will get it good and hard because of the funding cuts for Medicare and Medicaid. Somewhere in their families there is a disabled child receiving SSDI, or a parent or grandparent in a nursing home paid for by Medicaid...and a lot of that will GO AWAY.

Ask your republican friends and neighbors if they've set aside enough money to care for their parent's (or their own) skilled nursing facility (snf) needs at some future point. Ask if they can handle the average of about $7000 a month a snf costs. Ask if they're prepared to bring Grandpa home and devote 24/7 to his care so banks and corporations and the super-wealthy can get away with not paying their fair share of tax.

Politics needs to be personal because it is personal. And, nothing is more personal than caring for a loved one who needs help that either is unaffordable or impossible without sarificing on's own life to that cause. Having cared for my father in our home for the seven years preceding his death, I know what I'm talking about. The 3+ months he spent in a snf for rehab was paid for by a combination of Medicare and his private insurance. If he hadn't the foresight to have long term care insurance, it would have been costly...not devastating for us...but costly. What would happen to people who don't have the $$$$$ resources or insurance?

My wife and I didn't want my father to be in a snf. Regardless of the cost, Skilled Nursing Facilites are generally awful places. We used home health services as much as possible (again, about $7000 monthly) to get some help with his medical and physical needs...but it's not 24/7 care. And, we changed many an adult diaper, and did other things that, over time, taxed us mentally, physically, and emotionally. Had he not finally entered into hospice care at home (paid for by Medicare...but still only a small amount of the care needed) I think we would have had to go the snf route because we were exhausted.

I'm not telling this story well because it would take pages and pages to tell it in it's completeness. But this I father got good care and love because we were retired, had the time and money, and because even with his difficulties he was not mentally impaired. He knew, and appreciated, what was being done for him...and he was capable to some extent of helping himself until near the end.

If the Romney / Ryan vision of America comes to pass, the drastic cuts in just this one area (medicare/medicaid funding) will devastate many families. And some of the dummies that vote for them will get what they wanted...and they'll get it good and hard. Unfortunately, so will those who were paying attention.

Vote. Vote for Obama. Vote as if your life depends upon who wins. It does....


I no longer have any Republican friends

Over the past two years, I've gradually cut my ties with Republican friends. Sad, but true.

I used to really enjoy talking with Republicans about public policy and important issues ... but then the Teabaggers hijacked their party and they all went off the deep end. Any person who believes that pathological liars (like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan) deserve to lead this country is an idiot ... and an enemy.

I no longer have Democrat friends

I gave up trying to have Corporate Republican friends and move on to having Corporate Democrat friends and dang if they were both the same, so now I am trying to find new and exciting poltical friends by going to see Gary Johnson at Duke University on September 20 th ..I found him on Political Mingle a new site that promises friends and new wives if you pay them 3000 thousand dollars per wife and political friend..Harry Truman was right, " if you want a friend go get a dog"


That's the ticket.

Having become an internet hermit, I'm pretty sure I don't have any friends anymore.

Your point about corporate interests is well taken, and maybe I'm delusional, but I still see some daylight between the two parties on that front. Not a lot of daylight, but some.

Darth Vader had no friends either until he join the Republicans

I still see some daylight between the two parties on that front. Not a lot of daylight, but some. *James

Naw! What you are seeing is the Dark side of politics with some dude holding a flash lite trying to find his way out of the mess..

Cheer up! Slick Willie says he stop the mess once and Hope is just around the corner until somebody reminded him he started the mess with Wall Street and the removeable of the Glass-Stillman Act in 1998....

It's Glass-Steagall, Connie

But you're right, Bubba should have Vetoed that one.