NY Times Blows DeLay Blog Story

The NY Times today published an article by Philip Shenon called The Hammer Strikes a Comeback Blow about Tom DeLay's new blog but completely omitted the fact that when the blog started up a 11 days ago it was quickly bombarded with unflattering unmoderated comments and just as quickly taken down to be restarted in a moderated format with the offending comments removed. Tom DeLay blew it and the NY Times blew it by not reporting on his false start in this fluff piece about DeLay that displays very little knowledge about blogging.

Not to worry. Enterprising blogger James J. Risser saved the original for posterity (or posteriority) at tomdelaydotcom.blogspot.com

This was discussed at length at ThinkProgress.org December 10th yet even an article at Slate.com December 14th missed the mis-step while the Guardian UK picked up on it on the same day. Even as late as yesterday CBSNews was talking about the negative comments but the NY Times missed it completely.

Even the NY Times own blog The Caucus has no reference to DeLay's false start. Is this ignorance, indifference to netroots or part of a rehabilitation of Republican bogeymen so as to better position the Times to attack Democrats when they take office? I just don't understand how anyone could write so many words about DeLay's "blog", which he doesn't really write anyway, and not mention the blog's opening screw-up.

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Belay delay

and all that. The Bugman is apparently a pathological liar no matter which forum he's operating in.


Even the CBS story, which picked up on the snafu, didn't get the URL of the rescue site correct.

Hey John Hood

Go to Delay's website and click on "Invite Tom to speak." He'd fit in perfectly with the other oh-so-sincere crooks the John Locke Foundation loooooves to admire.

Good idea A....I think the Hood and Delay

could be pillow friends too!

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

ny times

The NY times is trying very hard to become irrelevant. Not only are they being scooped by blogs but they are being scooped by other media sources. For instance, this story is 2 weeks old, and they failed to report it.

Then there was the whole Edwards announcement debacle, where they reported something 3 days after MSNBC and CNN reported it, and completely failed to use the extra time to get a story together.

Its fairly "impressive". Yet another reason why I read blogs and the Washington Post and not them.


"Keep the Faith"

cbs error


i saw your blog and sent melissa at cbs an email and she says she will update her story with the correct tom delay 'original recipe' blog of mine.



you are welcome, greg!

i sent the new york times writer a note today too and told him about the 'back story' of tom's first day on the internets... i haven't heard back from him, but, i have a feeling that he doesn't care too much for bloggers--at least those of us who aren't indicted in texas... i don't think he hates us as much as this guy from the wsj editorial though.

anyway, tom is simply using the site to spread his own special blend of fear and hatred---oh, and the $52 membership fee to get 'special tom e-mail' has something to do with it too...




You mean the article by this Joseph Rago
"The RagoForce: Check Me Out, I’m Sweet"?

What an idiot

You have to imagine that the news side of the WSJ is embarrassed daily by the presence of fools like this guy.

Hmmm, let's see...

Form letters:

Blog/Personal responses:

I'm sensing a trend here...

Larry Kissell is MY Congressman

Delay Update

It seems that Raw Story was on this from the beginning Sunday December 10th. After Keith Olbermann mocked DeLay on his show Monday December 11th for "ghost blogging", Raw Story did a follow-up, Tuesday December 12th. But still the NY Times missed it.

Today, doing my own follow-up on the Delay website I discovered that while comments are moderated trackback links are not. Simply by following the instructions readily provided I was able to provide a Reference back to this blog entry.

So as you read this and comment be aware that you are linked back to Tom Delay's website (at least at the time of writing). Also today Robert Novak reports that DeLay is about to get a prominent position with the American Conservative Union, thought two ACU directors have threatened to quit if DeLay joins. I wonder if one of them is JLF patron Robert Luddy? Click on the picture for a larger image.