NYT: Medicare and Medicaid on the Table

NYT article, http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/05/us/05deficit.html, puts some hundreds of billions on the table in talks (I refuse to think of them as negotiations since the Whine House has no idea of how to). Also, article in FireDogLake on same subject.

Biden says flatly the Medicare and Medicaid are subject to trades. As of this point, the Dems have NO revenue enhancements from deal, and look for some garbage which extends the Obama-Bush tax cuts.

Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York, the No. 3 Senate Democrat, said: We are very willing to entertain savings in Medicare. Medicare gives very good health care very inefficiently.

What the hell is that supposed to mean. Can you even imagine Medicaid being a full block grant to the NC legislature, which cannot find its way to the bathroom.