Obama's tax plan being trashed by democrats

Today, Obama gave a speech on his "economic plan"...without many specific details. However, now we're seeing key democrats trashing some of the details he presented. There's a reason for this, and it's more a political issue than an effectiveness issue.

The one issue of note is the key democrats taking issue with Obama's "Business Tax Plan" that would give tax credits for businesses that create jobs. Now, mind you, nearly 70% of the people in the U.S. that are employed are employed by small businesses (definition of "small" is nebulous) and the majority of the new jobs created in the U.S. annually are created by small business.

Why the rift? Well, in my view, most small businesses in the U.S. aren't union shops. And, most small businesses in the U.S. are run/operated/owned by republican-leaning leaders/owners. Politically, that's not gonna help the demo party. To the democratic party leadership, that's not gonna help the democratic party, and that's a no-no regardless how much it will help the people of America.

Another item for dissent is the "payroll tax cut" that amounts to an average of approximately $25/week for the average middle-income earner. It's not enough, and won't see a boon to those that need far more, per democratic leaders. (Personally, I do agree with that, although I love it that Obama is on the tax-cut bandwagon).

To me, we have to take politics totally out of the equation. We've seen that mistake with my own party...and we're supposed to be operating under a "change" philosophy. Let's do that......