Oil Sellers: "Repealing Gas Tax Will Not Decrease Cost of Fuel"

With all the noise about the dreaded 2.8 cent increase in the gas tax, one group is actually telling the voters the truth. As Republicans and some Democratic lawmakers are holding fake hearings on the tax to gain votes, the Petroleum Marketers, of all people, are stating that the tax does not affect prices. From WRAL:

Many drivers think they'll save big if the legislature acts. But the executive director of the North Carolina Petroleum Marketers Association doesn’t agree.

“No, the consumer's not going see a price cut immediately; in any shape, way, form or fashion,” said Gary Harris.

Harris said the actions of the OPEC oil cartel, weather, and the stock market, have a far greater impact on gas prices than state taxes.

Wait, wasn't the reason that Bush's ties to the Middle East were going to be good for the country was the lower oil prices? Anyway, I was never expecting the Petroleum Marketers to be for the tax or for me to agree with them. Politics makes strange bed fellows.