One Little Thing

You're likely as livid about the NC GOP's 9/11 stunt as I am.

There's only so much that you, as an individual can do. If you have one of the NC GOP's hand-picked cronies representing you in the legislature, it won't do you any good to write to them. You might write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper to show your disgust. You might even go to a protest.

Here's one simple thing you can do to deal with some of your anger about this that I heard about from a friend.

Each month, set aside a certain amount of money to donate to liberal causes - candidates, organizations like the NAACP, the ACLU, supporting investigative media outlets, or other causes you think are making a difference.

When a news event like the NC GOP 9/11 stunt gets you angry, do two things. First, choose one of the causes on your list that you think will do the most good in combating the thing that's made you mad and make a donation from your monthly pool, making the size of the donation related to how angry you feel about it. Then, bop off a quick note to your GOP representative, letting him know that a) you're pissed and b) you're donating specifically to a liberal cause because of what he and/or the NC GOP has done.

You might pick up a stack of hard to ignore postcards at your local post office for this or post the info on social media, tagging the representative. In fact, I could see this as a certain tag on Twitter, where many people are posting their donations to liberal causes and the reps that have ignored their voice to encourage others to do the same.

Will it make the GOP change its ways? Nope. But it will let you deal with your anger in a small way and do some good. Over time, these small amounts can add up - you might keep a list of them to review at the end of the year.

The GOP is so far gone that it won't change what they do. But it puts your NC GOP representative on notice that you're serious about your commitment to seeing him or her gone.

What are some other small things you can do every day to help take back your legislature?