One man. One woman. Thats marriage?

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One man. One woman. That’s marriage.

This is the tagline of the conservative North Carolina organization called NC4marrige. They are trying to pass the Defense of Marriage Act, which would protect marriage under the state constitution, making it harder to legalize same-sex marriage in the future. North Carolina is the only southern state that doesn’t have a constitutional same-sex marriage ban in place, which makes it a target for conservative activists and same-sex marriage advocates alike. Basically, these groups tell their supporters that North Carolina could become the next state to legalize gay marriage unless it becomes banned under the constitution.

Advocates for Youth opposes the bill, saying:

This Marriage Discrimination Amendment would further institutionalize discrimination towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer youth. North Carolina currently receives an "F" on School Safety for LGBTQ youth according to GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. An estimated 10 percent of all young people in North Carolina are LGBTQ, and 84 percent of youth in this state have heard homophobic remarks in our schools. More than 70 percent report that their peers are frequently bullied because of sexual orientation or gender expression.

The Defense of Marriage Act would take us a step backward towards making North Carolina a safe space for LGBTQ people, and we must ensure that this bill does not become law.

People can send a letter to their state Representative and Senator asking them to vote No on this bill.

NC4Marrige and the North Carolina Family Policy Council are the two largest groups trying to pass the Defense of Marriage Act, and they say some really scary things. On the NC Family Policy website, they claim:

"Homosexual relationships are harmful."

"Many people who previously had homosexual relationships have now renounced that behavior and married persons of the opposite sex."

"Supposed “homosexuals” have, in fact, had perfectly functional heterosexual marriages."

"Children raised by homo-sexuals are at much greater risk of gender dissatisfaction, gender confusion, suicide, long-term depression, mood disorders, bipolar disorders, sexual promiscuity, out-of-wedlock pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases."

They go on to say more crazy, homophobic things, like allowing marriage between a pedophile and a child or a necrophile and a dead person would be the same as allowing people of the same sex to marry.

NC4Marrige put out this creepy video promoting their “Defense or Marriage" bill"

It goes without saying that these groups are extremely homophobic, and they promote hate and fear of the GLBTQ community. They seem to only cater to a certain demographic: white men over the age of 50 (which just so happened to be the only kind of people at their rally at the state legislature a few months ago).  These people DO NOT reflect the views of most people in North Carolina.

We can achieve marriage equality here, and we will. There is a lot of work to do, one of the most important things we need to to is to talk to the people who have read all the material put out by the North Carolina Family Policy Council and get them to understand that gay marriage wont hurt their heterosexual lifestyle, and that there is nothing to fear.

There is also a lot of political work that needs to be done, and the first step is making sure that the Defense of Marriage act does not pass. If you live in North Carolina, click here to send a letter to your state senator and representative about this issue. You can also look them up and give them a call, telling them to stand up against discrimination and vote NO on the Defense of Marriage act. The more voices we have on this issue, the more progress we will make.


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I know that the generation of new voters coming up is far more progressive when it comes to allowing gay citizens the same rights as everyone else. I think the bigots on the right know this as well, so they will try fervently to put up roadblocks now that will slow progress in the future.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Nothing North Carolina about this group

NC4Marriage is the same corporate shell as WV4Marraige and many others. These groups are pawns of larger out-of-state entities who care nothing about straight or LGBT North Carolinians.

Yes, you read correctly. The state of West Virginia is also a target of these money-hungry bigots. But they failed in West Virginia's legislative session as well.

Moreover, earlier this year (yes, 2009), red-state Wyoming and swing-state Indiana have also had the wisdom to not waste money on Does-Nothing-About-Divorce Amendments that do nothing to protect marriage.

The most important thing is to remind these out-of-state bigots who support such absurd amendments that it will cost the state and NC taxpayers at least $3 million to even hold such a referendum -- no matter which side prevails.

Setting aside the sound principle that a minority's rights should never be put to a vote of the majority, an amendment is just a foolish waste of taxpayer money that we can not afford in these tight budget times.


Younger Generations

An interesting observation about younger generations can be seen in how they are aligning themselves on facebook groups. The N&O did a story recently on how facebook groups are forming around support & opposition to several bills in NC. Opposing the marriage equality ban numbers over 7000 members, whereas supporting the bigoted ban of equality is around the 700+ range.

Here is the group I was referencing that opposes the marriage equality ban for those internet savy Blue NCers who are also on facebook.

I Oppose NC Senate Bill 272 - Defense of Marriage

"First Step: Pray for marriage"

That's seriously what they say in the video. seriously. that's some incredibly bad theology, not to mention just irrational behavior… considering there are tangible actions that can be taken by forces on both sides of the issue, like calling state senators and whatnot.


Have these people never read the finding of the APA? Or better yet even spoken to a gay person?

Oh that's right, can't let facts get in the way of a good scare tactic...

Good christian values they have. What as that commandment about not lying? I guess I missed reading the subsection of it that said "Except to deny right to teh gayz"

On a local level I've been talking to everyone who will listen about marriage equality. Just got back the other day from our district convention and I wore my "I

On a related note, my husband and I will be going to MA at the end of next month to make it legal (or at least legal in 7 states, one district and 7 other coutnries) It's a shame my money is going to stimulate another states economy instead of the small businesses in my home state, but what can ya do.

Boku no otto wa totemo aishite

The amendment actually resides in the House Rules Committee

House Bill 361 in all its bigoted absurdity sits in the House Rules Committee. The Rules Committee is the same place House Bill 100 was sent to die by Speaker Hackney.

For all this ridiculous writing by the McClatchy clowns (and Ben Niolet - good grief Ben, seriously?!) about the legislature being a "liberal" place, we can't even get the unconstitutional crimes against nature law off our books in this state. Even the NC Family Policy Council understands how conservative our state legislature is.

By the by, your district friends noting how a former state head of the ACLU now Chairs a House Committee, might want to ask themselves why such a "progressive" as she always kills the hate crimes bill every session. If Rep. Ross is such a friend to liberals, or at least thinks minorities deserve the equal protection of the law, she could at least bring the bill up for a hearing.


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