Is Onslow Commissioner McLaughlin setting the stage to challenge Jones, Jr?

Onslow County Commissioner and Republican Joe McLaughlin has come out frequently and harsh against North Carolina 3rd Congressional District's Walter B. Jones, Jr on his war stance. Commissioner McLaughlin was quoted in an article speaking against Mr. Jones' positions.

From the article.

Onslow County commissioner Joe McLaughlin said he is not surprised at the reaction, adding that many local Republicans are retired or former military and "know in their hearts that Jones' continued opposition" is "harmful to the troops."

"The action by Jones to sponsor the anti-surge resolution merely culminates his history of votes against the war on terror," he said, adding later that Jones is "kind of a Democrat in Republicans' clothing."

Commissioner McLaughlin has also written numerous letters to the editor at the Jacksonville Daily News speaking against Mr. Jones' shift in support for the occupation of Iraq.

In today's Jacksonville Daily News, McLaughlin wrote:

Jones' co-sponsorship of the recently passed anti-surge resolution in the U.S. House of Representatives reveals to the country what we Down East have known for almost two years: his complete and utter lack of support for the president's strategy in the war against radical Islamic terror, as well as his unwillingness to offer an alternative, is a disgrace to thousands of warriors deployed from his district in this struggle. He has become the Democrats' favorite Republican.

McLaughlin also writes about Jones' original defection from the Democratic Party in the 1990s and posits that Mr. Jones has become an "ultra-liberal" in the United States House of Representatives.

Jones' reversion to his Democratic roots comes as no surprise. After all, Jones did not become a Republican until after he lost the 1992 Democratic primary to fill the seat held by his father for many years. Jones' votes last year against the re-authorization of the Patriot Act and against military tribunals for terrorists, as well as their foreign surveillance, put him squarely among the ultra-liberals in Congress who fail to perceive the gravity of the struggle we are in or the measures required for victory.

All of this raises an interesting question: Is McLaughlin going to challenge Jones, Jr. in the Republican primary for NC's 3rd Congressional seat?



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McLaughlin sounds like an idiot

who's hell bent on seeing that more military families suffer more heartache and misery under the misguided policies of the Child King.

I'm guessing Walter Jones will kick his butt.

Then again, maybe Walter Jones should get his act together and rejoin the Democratic Party.

Make that the Village idiot of Onslow County

I'm guessing Walter Jones will kick his butt.* A

Big time as usual for the clown prince of Jacksonville

Then again, maybe Walter Jones should get his act together and rejoin the Democratic Party.*A

Maybe in the future! I guess Onslow Commissioner McLaughlin didn't get the message about Walter endorsing Libertarian Congressman Ron Paul the other day for President. Who is against the War big time and drives Bush neo-con Republicans nuts.

You think McLaughlin is scary as a fascist Republican, you should hear his Dinosaur throw back political buddy George Cleveland about women and blacks in the 21 st century. Talking about 2 white sheets in the Onslow wind, these boys take the burning cross to a whole new level.


You've made three valid points, all of which I agree.

I wrote Congressman Jones last year with the "unofficial" offer to return to the Democratic Party and received no answer.

Commissioner McLaughlin has been increasingly pushed to the far-right fringe of the all-Republican Onslow County Board of Commissioners...The pressure from his colleagues may be pushing him to "take drastic measures" to prove his worthiness of leadership.

What better way to prove you're on the "right side" of a position than to become their Congressional representative?

Thomas S. Brock


What have YOU done today to make the world a better place?

County Commissioner Mclaughin's comments

In regards to the comments Onslow County Commissioner McGlaughlan made when referring to Congressman Walter Jones please allow me my two cents.
It takes no talent, no education, no particular skill and no civil conscience to tear something or someone down. A wreaking ball has no plan, only a path to follow and whatever is in it’s path is in ruin. That is the intention. The difference between a wreaking ball and a human is that the wreaking ball cannot act with malice. A person can and often does. I believe the people of North Carolina, and America for that matter, have had enough of the wreaking ball politics. Mr. Mclaughlans lack of civility and utter disregard for Congressman Jones and his service to our country is unconscionable yet typical of a person who will say or do anything to get what he wants. It would appear, in this case, he would like the Congressman’s job.

One does not have to agree with everything our congressman does or his approach in representing us in Washington, but that does not justify an uncivil, and in this case, disingenuous verbal assault.

In this critical time of our history, America needs leaders who have vision and understand the value of civility and statesmanship. The 3rd District needs a representative who can articulate a way forward and lead the way from the front, by example. Men and women who do not fear criticism, but who will not stoop to dishonest attacks and angry, meaningless retribution.

I am a 30 year resident of Onslow County. I am a retired Marine Vietnam veteran. As a civilian, I served in Kuwait and later served three years in Iraq. My two sons served in Iraq and one was wounded there at a battle in Baqubah just south of Baghdad. I happen to agree with Walter Jones in this case and I am a Democrat.

I also believe that most Republicans in the 3rd district do not agree with Commissioner Mcglaughlin. How can one be so attached to an ideology that he would be willing to sacrifice our countries treasure and our blood to preserve it? That is what the Muslim radicals do.

If the 3rd district republicans are foolish enough to allow some one like Commissioner Mcglaughen to defeat Walter Jones in the Primary election, then all the better for the Democrats. I believe the 3rd District of North Carolina is ready to return a Democrat to the 3rd District US Representative seat. Commissioner Mcglaughen may simply make it that much easier.

Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03

Well said.

Jones will survive any primary challenge, but if this clown were to somehow win because of low turnout, it would be a slap in the face to our armed forces and veterans who are tired of being used as pawns.

There is talk and rumors that admirals and generals will resign if Bush decides to attack Iran. Jones is on the right side of this issue.