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NC Blogroll

We're going to experiment with a North Carolina blogroll in 2010, a healthy mixture (we hope) of sites from the right, left, middle, and media, along with a few personal blogs.

Please note that we've included John Hood, the Locker Room and the NC Republican Party on our list. We'll see how that works out.

Thank you for the humor

Okay, I did it ! I went to the North Carolina Repubichair site.

Everyone needs a little humor in their day. Thank you, James :)

That's been my experience

Which is why I have trouble understanding why so many editors and reporters routinely turn to Pearce and Wrenn for punditry and opinion. They certainly have history and insider status on their side ... maybe that's all that's necessary in today's "who knows whom" world.

At this point, I'm trying to keep an open mind.

Homeland Stupidity

If you've been following the great TSA plan to make air travel even safer more frustrating and tedious, you might enjoy this Daily Kos diary about the sheer absurdity of our approach to passenger screening. It resonates with me. I'd just about rather drive a nail through my skull than deal with the nonsense that happens in airports these days.

What's going on between Rob Christensen and John Hood?

You'd think with all his connections, Christensen could find somebody in NC besides the tap-dancing twin as a source for predictable right-wing puppetry.


Ann Newman NC House 103 on ActBlue now.

Hello all - As I have posted before, my Mom is running for the NC House District 103 which encompasses most of Matthews, Mint Hill and part of east Charlotte. We are working on her webpage which will be and she can now take contributions through ActBlue.

A little about my Mom:

Dr. Ann Mabe Newman, RN earned a BSN from UNC Charlotte, MSN from UNC Chapel Hill, and the Doctorate of Science in Nursing from The University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is certified as a Clinical Specialist in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing. She designed and teaches in the online Nurse Educator program at UNC Charlotte where she also teaches Health Policy. She previously worked as a nurse in a private practice and at Charlotte Memorial Hospital (now Carolinas Medical Center).

Dr. Newman has received numerous teaching awards including the prestigious Bank of America Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Board of Governor’s Award for Teaching Excellence. She has served in elected positions on the North Carolina Board of Nursing, the American Nursing Association, and as president of the University Faculty. She has been involved in numerous other University committees as well as committees and boards in the greater Charlotte community. She is currently President of the Democratic Women of Mecklenburg County. Dr. Newman frequently speaks to business and community groups on depression, stress reduction, and health care reform.

She has lived in eastern Mecklenburg County for over 40 years, moving here with her late husband Bill and two children in 1967 after Bill was discharged from the U.S. Army. Ann currently lives in the Mint Hill area with her son, daughter in law, and two of her grandchildren. Her other son lives in Washington DC with his wife. Ann’s other grandchild lives in the suburbs of Washington.

Fun circles

Just in case you're really bored.

Fun circles.