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    It is possible if you just look in front of your face:
    Mainstream media finds corrupt Repbulican candidate.

    Want to find another scandal-ridden GOPer running for a seat in Raleigh?
    Try looking in another crowded Republican field for a state House seat. There's one candidate who was found drunk in wrecked car with a girl half his age -- only a few years ago. Hint: the district is west of Greensboro...and Charlotte...and east of Asheville. This might not be a GOP pickup after all if this former GOP legislator wins the primary.

    At least Uncle Festzer still isn't gay.


Y'all have fun

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Take care, buddy

Let your hair down some. What hair you have left, anyway. Er...that didn't come out right. As Telly Savalas once said...*sigh*. I think I'll quit while I'm behind. ;/

Have fun. :)


And thanks for holding down the fort.

GOP head begs Perdue to spend money


Uncle Festzer's stenographer at Under the Dome writes another piece bashing Democrats, but somehow failing to point out the irony of the Party of No position.

You see, the NC GOP just wants that mean ol' lady governor to spend money...except when they don't.

Every other press release from the NC GOP is about how the state budget is out of control. They scream for taxes to be lowered.

They how do they propose to pay for the probation officers we need?

Uncle Festzer even makes the Keynesian (heresy economics to the knuckle-draggers in Art Pope land) argument that because NC's unemployment rate is so high, the state government needs to spend money to hire people.


When NC Democrats asked the same question of US Senator Richard "Bank Run" Burr and his vote against the jobs bill this week, the media treated us to quotes about "deficit concern" and "budget considerations."

I'm not surprised, and you shouldn't be either.

Just remember, IOKIYAR.

It's OK if you're a Republican.



Robert Byrd, still the sharpest knife in the drawer

With all due respect, the Daily Mail's hyperbole about "imposing government control," acts of "disrespect to the American people" and "corruption" of Senate procedures resembles more the barkings from the nether regions of Glennbeckistan than the "sober and second thought" of one of West Virginia's oldest and most respected daily newspapers.


I'm on board with Byrd

But, let's be honest. He's 93 years old. If he wrote what is in that link, I hope to goodness I have those kinds of genes.

Again, what was presented is dead on. But, alas, me thinks it comes from staff, not Byrd himself.

Yep, that's trashing a democratic elder statseman...and I expect to catch the devil for posting it....but, I'm hoping in my heart of hearts that we can get some young, dedicated progressive members of congress/senate to say exactly what Byrd is supposed to have said on his own.

I'm an old bird myself. Trash me if you want for saying this, but...damn, y'all. Let's get real here.

Well, heck...I'm 106

and still do prime numbers and fibonacci series in my head.... :-) It's all in your choice of beverage.....

Stan Bozarth

Well shoot !

And, here I was thinkin' I was the "elder statesman" here !! I'm old...but can't quite stretch 'em out to 106.

On a more serious note...don't ya think it might be time to let a younger person represent your particular district or state when you have to be wheeled out to vote on an issue and have to have an aid keep you awake during debate?

It gives "YAWN" a whole news meaning, doesn't it?

Foxtrot is Dap


I'm a moderate Democrat.

Thanks, I think

Dap is a good thing, right? :) Maybe like "Dapper Dan" ?

Community Power

Community Power brings NC to the masses.

Last Sunday, the always engaging Meteor Blades asked DK readers to list important state blogs so that we could coalesce around issues we’ll be facing in the upcoming elections.

I submitted Scrutiny Hooligans and someone submitted BlueNC and they are now listed as the two North Carolina political blogs on the resulting state list. Nice.

Thanks, Randall!

I bookmarked that diary so I could check out some of those blogs. Very cool.

You are so welcome!

What a great idea this is. We are all connected to other states through family and friends even though we may primarily focus on our beloved NC. This gives us a great resource to spread the love.