Open thread


Online series about campaigning - Battleground

So a friend recently recommended this series to me. It's an original Hulu series, so it's all online, and all free, you can watch all 13 episodes at your discretion. Although if you're like me you'll consume this whole series in a week.

I wont give any spoilers, just a few general thoughts. While they portrayed campaigns as a little more conniving than rings true to me, this still had plenty of the energy and excitement campaigns can have, especially when you feel like you're supporting the right candidate for the job. It's not a great series, but it was a lot of fun. Who knows if they'll make a 2nd season or not, but it could stand alone with just the one season.

Anyways, I figured my fellow political junkies might enjoy it. Make sure once you click the link to scroll back to the first episode so that you start in the right place. The episodes are short, it'll go by fast.


Will be fun to watch this bachelor weekend!