Open thread: The Tillis Affairs


R primary will be fascinating

Tillis holding on for dear life ... while the Teabaggers surge from the right to challenge his integrity, his morality, and his conservative credentials.

Whether Tillis wins the primary or not, this is a good move by Democrats.

You know that the Republicans....

... have gone off the deep end when someone like Tillis isn't extreme enough for them.

To seem rather than to be

They think that only McCrory (who isn't on the ballot) will have to pay for this massive deception, but they're screwing around with the smartest group of voters (teachers) who aren't so easily fooled.

Put on your marching shoes, folks. It's time for another red wave.

State of Conflict showing at Varsity in Chapel Hill

State of Conflict: North Carolina, a documentary produced by Bill Moyers, will be shown by the Orange County Democratic Party at:

Varsity Theatre (123 E. Franklin Street, Chapel Hill)
Sunday, April 27th from 2:00 – 3:00 pm

Get tickets here:

A documentary report which discusses how dark money has influenced North Carolina's elections. On one side: a right wing government enacting laws that are changing the face of the state. On the other: citizen protesters who are fighting back against what they fear is a radical takeover. This crucible of conflict reflects how the battle for control of American politics is likely to be fought for the foreseeable future: not in Washington, DC, but state by state.

“North Carolina, long considered the South’s most moderate state, has taken a hard right turn, but Moral Mondays protesters are fighting back. Is this where American politics is heading? Also on the State of Conflict: Bill Moyers on North Carolina’s Right-Wing Takeover & the Citizens Fighting Back Bill Moyers on Dark Money, the Attack on Voting Rights & How Racism Stills Drives Our Politics."

You can stream the Youtube

of the State of Conflict on your TV if you have a blu-ray player. It's depressing but important to see.