Open thread: What's Burr up to this week?


Burr had a big night

He must feel great about voting to end unemployment benefits for millions of Americans.

Last night Burr voted against extending unemployment benefits for an additional month for laid off workers in North Carolina and across the country as the Senate finally passed the extension that was held up several days by Republican Senator Jim Bunning.

I'm surprised he could tear himself away

from the fundraising gravy train long enough to make this vote. Actually, I'm not surprised. Screwing his constituents is one of his mostest favorite pastimes.

What other Republicans are saying about Burr

Thanks to Mark Binker for giving them a voice:

Burks said it was feedback from other businessmen and local government officials that really pushed him into the race.

“I found a surprising number of people who are involved in politics…who knew nothing about Sen. Burr,” Burks said. He added other city officials described Burr as “inaccessible.”

Who is this Burr of which you speak?

“I don’t see him really doing anything on behalf of those of us in North Carolina,” Jones said. “During the years of the Bush administration, he was a rubberstamp for every spending program. We already had one Democrat party, we didn’t need a second one and that’s what they did. They tried to outspend the Democrats and he went right along with. And now that the executive branch is no longer held by a Republican, he’s acting conservative again.”

Oh, that Burr.

What has Burr done?

Burr's Sponsored/Cosponsored Legislation

Seems to me he spends a lot of time sponsoring/co-sponsoring bills dealing with suspending tariffs on chemical compounds...what for I haven't figured out yet. Anybody else understand why.

Make DADT Repeal Call TODAY

Please call Sen. Hagan, who sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee, at 202-224-6342 & ask whatever aide picks up that you want her to cosponsor the Military Readiness Enhancement Act (the bill to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell). I just did. It'll be a 2 or 3 minute convo after 2 or 3 minutes on hold, but our Senator needs to her constituents want this repealed.

You can point out, if you'd like, that Public Policy Polling has polled North Carolinians on this issue last month and 67% of dems & 59% of independents (the groups who voted for her) support repealing DADT.

I don't make calls to Washington as often as I should, but there isn't much point in voting if you aren't going to let your elected officials know where you stand. Please take a few minutes to do this.

Here is a short call script if you want one:... See More

Please post a comment here to let everyone know you called, maybe we can rack up a few calls today on the day that those leading the charge announced the DADT repeal Senate bill will be introduced soon. If we want Hagan to lead, we must ask her to TODAY

Still calling

Got back in a while ago and saw your post and I'm getting either a busy signal or the phone is ringing off the hook with no answer (after 4 pm). Thinking that lots of folks are calling before 4pm and they close down shop after that.

I'm gonna begin calling in the morning and, looks like a whole bunch of folks are doing that very same thing.

You are right. NOW is the time. When I get to speak to "someone", I will post a note here on what was said.

Thanks for staying with this, Jake. Time we citizens step up and make our voices known. Otherwise, it is just going to be more and more "studies" and other long-term "put-offs" on this issue.

The American people are overwhelmingly in favor of reversing DADT. WTF is the hold up? If there is some reason, why are we not privvy to it? It is just ridiculous.


I know you have all participated in bluenc blogs or radio, I know you have staff and supporters who post on bluenc like Mike from Elaines campaign & Frank with Cals. So I'm hoping you'll see this. All 3 campaigns have publicly said they want DADT ended.

Here is your chance to take action on that. It is simple, but an important gesture to me. Make the call I mentioned in the post above. Senator Hagan is your senator too.

I know DADT repeal is popular in the polls right now for North Carolinians who are democrats (67% support repeal according to PPP as of last month) and Independents (59% support repeal).

Ask Senator Hagan to Cosponsor this bill. Show me that there is action behind your words. Too often candidates say one thing and do another, but if the candidates, or someone from their campaign will post here to say "I made the 3 minute call" then I'll believe they have the courage of their convictions.

If Senator Hagan is to cosponsor the Military Readiness Enhancement Act she most do so soon, please make the call now.

New Lewis Video

I'm glad to see all the campaigns moving towards putting more videos online. It is nice to hear the candidates full messages than the filter and editing that comes from reading about them or watching them on the news.

I hope we see more of these from all the candidates, and that they become more and more issue focused as we get introductions out of the way.

Good work team Lewis!