Open thread: Woe is me.

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A few minutes ago I finished writing a long entry about the junior Puppet named Chad Adams who is holding down the fort this Friday at the John Locke Puppetshow. Adams has written a silly little piece of nothing about how great South Carolina is because it has a 6% tax rate, while mean old North Carolina has a whopping 7% tax rate to do the "same job." Yeah right.

I had even assembled a boatload of US Census data to underscore the lunacy of Adams' claim. For example, NC is 22nd in teacher pay, while SC is 27th. And the NC high school graduation rate is 67% while the SC rate is 53%. I even had data for infant mortality, physicians per capita, violent crime rates (SC is highest in the nation) and more.

And then the site somehow logged me out and I lost everything. So sad. But I did manage to salvage my closing paragraph:

I'm glad the Puppets continue spewing forth this kind of nonsense. Because with every lame "report" and every instance of intellectual dishonesty, they solidify their reputation as ideologues, leftovers from the heyday of the Party of Greed. Keep it coming, Puppets. You're ever-so-surely working your way toward irrelevance.


Welcome to December.

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Copy and paste

is my friend. I've started composing elsewhere or copying before I hit publish. Sorry you lost your post. You know that I know how it feels.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I too...

if I'm doing a large blog post will write it in Word then copy. The quickees I just hope. Also, I have developed the habit of copying the whole thing right before I hit Preview for the last time.

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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

same job

except our state doesnt suck and provides services to its citizens. sounds like a good use for the extra 1 percent.

"Keep the Faith"


I came across the quote from scientist Michael Mann in Scientific American via Political Cortex that sums up how I feel about these folks:

"From an intellectual point of view, these contrarians are pathetic, because there's no scientific validity to their arguments whatsoever," Mann says. "But they're very skilled at deducing what sorts of disingenuous arguments and untruths are likely to be believable to the public that doesn't know better."

SC vs NC

Aside from a couple of exceptions such as Greenville and Charleston, SC is a hole. My friends from other states know they can easily get a rise out of me by asking how I am doing "down in South Carolina." The next most annoying thing is when I meet people while travelling in other parts of the country and they invariably say in response to my telling them I live in NC, "Oh I love North Carolina, I go to Myrtle Beach all the time." Argh!

With respect to the rest of the article, I can't argue with his rant about the counties having to pay for Medicaid.