Operation: YD Day for the Troops

Like all Democrats, the Young Democrats of North Carolina support our troops, and we want you to help us put that support into tangible action. On Saturday, September 8, 2007, YDNC will hold our first-ever statewide USO day, which we are calling Operation: YD Day for the Troops.

This day will take place at four sites across the state: Asheville, Charlotte, Durham, and Jacksonville. Our support will be shown by having a month-long drive for items needed by troops and their families for school, home, and relaxation. With this donation and presentation on September 8, we will begin to counter the misperceptions that some have about our party and the military.

After our presentation to the USO, we will then use the remainder of the day to canvass selected areas so that we both serve the troops and connect with citizens in the area. Since many of the troops are between 18 and 35, they are our peers, and we look forward to reminding them that not only do we support them, but we invite them to join us.

We need your help to make this a success. We need you to volunteer some of your time on September 8 if you can. If you cannot, please help us collect some of the below supplies for the rack packs we’ll be putting together. You can visit YDNC’s website here for more information.

Day for the Troops Suggested Donations

Suggested Items for Rack Packs
(packs are gender neutral & trial sizes are great!):

Laundry Detergent
White athletic socks
Deck of cards
Paperback crossword puzzle books
Disposable Cameras
AA Batteries
Snacks (prepackaged, non-melting) ex. Pretzels
Pre-paid Calling Cards

Suggested Items for Kids Packs:

Coloring books
Disposable Cameras
AA Batteries
Snacks (prepackaged, non-melting) ex. Pretzels

Suggestive items for rummage sale
(Specific to Jacksonville Only)

Gently used, clean household items, recreational and sporting goods,
clothing, electronics, children's toys and baby items.


Hope you all can make it

This day promises to be a great experience. More info to come soon.