Out of context

I am sick and tired of seeing President Obama's statements grossly taken out of context. "The private economy is doing fine" were his words while comparing private job loss totals with public sector job loss totals. "If you have a business--you didn't build that" is referring to the infrastructure surrounding the business. It is so bad that a lawyer told me if he used the same logic and comparisons in court to prove his point, he would be disbarred.

I am fighting to get to Congress to help President Obama and in my campaign, I am one Democrat who will never deny that I support him or the principles of the Democratic Party.

If you want a fighter for what is right, and for telling the truth--or that acolyte for Romney who's running against me--please donate to my campaign. Remember, my opponent has a huge family funded Superpac, so he doesn't have to ask for money. So far, Actblue has,with one exception, given me nothing. I don't mean to be insulting to my ideological friends, but as James says, "Come on!"



Please help

As with every election, we are at a pivotal place in history ... maybe even more than in most cycles. Mr. Malone's opponent is an incompetent opportunist, born to the manor with a whole place setting of silver in this mouth. A privileged government hater who recklessly flushed millions of taxpayer dollars on a politically motivated witch hunt.

If we are ever going to get America out of the political gutter, we need to get decent, honest people into Congress ... people of conviction who will stand for the common good.

Charles Malone is one of those people. I'm supporting his campaign. I hope you will too.

Please help

Thanks, James. You don't just talk the talk, you walk the walk. You present the case very well. If the people realized how much good just $10 or $20, given enough times, helps to bridge the gap between getting a 1% guy or a 99% guy in Congress, they would know they have more influence than they imagine.

Charles Malone

EXCEPT...that Malone has made

EXCEPT...that Malone has made it clear that he does NOT support the Democratic policies of Barack Obama and believes the Bush tax cuts should be
extended. Clearly a main point of the GOP and Malones opponent Holding. Sorry but you will excuse me when candidates running as Democrats make
statements that are not what the caucus and yes the White House does not support red flags go up. North Carolina has one Kissel we do not need any more thanks.
And no not so sure ....Malone talks the talk. I would ask Malone a lot more ON THE RECORD policy questions before anyone strokes a check. He can thank
Kissel and to some degree Schuler for any skepticism. Brad Miller talked the talk and sure as hell walked the walk. Does Malone really?

I believe you are wrong

but let's ask Mr. Malone himself. And just to be clear, the devils are in the details.

So here we go. Sir:

Would you have voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act like Kissell did?

Should the Bush tax cuts be extended or should they be allowed to expire?

Should we raise taxes on the top 1%? Should we cut taxes on the middle class?

Others should pile on with their own questions. Let's make this a virtual town hall over the next few days.

Malone reply to James

I would not have voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act. It is a great first step.

Bush tax cuts should be extended to 1million--a compromise position--would prefer $250,000, but am factoring impact on 620,000 small businesses. I do not support extending tax cuts to all, like my opponent George Holding and his leader Mitt Romney would do.

We should raise taxes on top 1%. We should cut taxes on the middle class.

And we should shift the tax preferences to reward in sourcing and penalize out sourcing.


Charles Malone

Tax extension for those with

Tax extension for those with income of 1 million ? Compromise with who? Certainly not the Republicans so it must be with the Blue Dogs, Sens Lieberman, Webb and Pryor. I believe we have our quota of Blue Dogs in North Carolina. Kissel , McIntyre and Schuler sucked up those spots. As for the impact on small business,Mr Malone do you know what the IRS determination of a small business is? I would recommend that you inquire. And frankly the small business chestnut is a very GOP talking point since most voters assume you are talking about small contractors, shop owners etc....no most of those kinds of small businesses owners are not impacted by the 250k threshold based on IRS and CBO researh. an aside: did you know that the Koch Bros consider Koch Industries a small business since it is privately held?

Malone reply

I believe being a good Democrat does not mean being in lockstep with every issue that the party lays down, but that one is there in principle always, and is there on particulars almost always. I have said that I agree with the original proposal by House Democrats and Minority leader Polosi, and the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, that the Bush tax cuts be extended to 1 million. I believe they have now pulled back to the White House preference--at this time--to $250,000. Otherwise, I am on board with the broad array of issues like health care, tax justice for the 99%, bilateral actions abroad, that define present Democratic Party thinking. And do support the re-election of President Barack Obama. I could go on, but if I try to be the Ivory Snow liberal that some want me to be, then I would be that much easier to tag by the teabaggers ready to label me accordingly. I have to have some appeal to independents, who have a legitimate argument to make on many issues, and whose numbers will determine the outcome of this election. And I may not get the votes of those in the far left camp who think any action out of step with their views is an act of apostasy.

Charles Malone

Fear of the Tea Party

should not be a driving force in your position on issues. Frankly, if you wanted to appease them, you'd have to swing so far to the right you'd be heading backwards. And if you think the far left is in "lockstep" with the Democratic Party itself, you're pretty far off the mark. The Party is already moderate on most issues, so if you try to move right of that, then you're back to being turned around again.

Just stick with the issues you believe in, but try not to be vague, or people will assume the worst. For instance, on your website, one of the three issue positions you have is "promote fiscal responsibility and energy independence". If that were on a Conservative's campaign page, I would assume he/she meant "cut government spending and drill, baby, drill". Hopefully that's not what you meant, so maybe you could expand a little?

The tea party...

are not the Republican Party, in fact, they're leery of Holding...and they vote. Except they might not vote if they're not excited by Holding (and they're not) and they're not spooked by Charles' platform, which works for him. If there was a Libertarian candidate, they'd go that way....as proof, there aren't enough Libertarians in the state to give their gubernatorial candidate her 7% standing in the polls...thus, she's probably picked up a lot of TP support. No point in herding them into the hands of the opposition. As for Charles' positions, like it or not, the majority of the 40% of Democrats making up the 13th district aren't Chapel Hill Democrats and if they think Charles is of that species, they could cross the aisle. Ditto for quite a few independents. Some of you forget how long Brad Miller postured as a "moderate" for the Jim Crawford-type Democrats in the northern counties. Now you can disregard what I say because I'm a Republican...albeit, an anti-Holding one. But there's a reason why the Ledge drew the lines of the 13th the way they did, and it wasn't to empower Progressive voters. Hence, to win, Charles is going to have to appeal to a lot of different viewpoints out there.

Oh, they'll vote all right

The Tea Party might not be all that excited about any of the candidates, but they'll vote. And the vast majority of them will vote Republican, regardless of how the Democratic candidates try to portray themselves.

To put it bluntly, and I hope Charles isn't offended by this: money is tight this election, at least as far as individual donors are concerned. And we've already had our dose of Larry Kissell, thank you very much. Before I write a check, or try to talk others into writing checks, I want to make sure we're not petting a blue dog.

You are kidding right? The

You are kidding right? The Democrats making up the 13th district were not Chapel Hill Democrats when Brad Miller garnered those votes ....so based on this premise you must not campaign on the basic tennets of the Democratic Party of FDR, Truman, Kennedy, LBJ...so tell me ..is Holding violating the ideals of the GOP? So why is it that Democrats believe they have to become pretzels? As for empowering "progressives" Don't know about you but I am not a mderate, I am not a progressive....I am a Democrat.