Out with a whimper

The folks at NC Policy Watch are too kind in today's post mortem of Governor Perdue's last gasps.

Governor Perdue has decided to go out with a whimper when it comes to a group of anti-environment bills that were among the last few measures passed and sent to her by the General Assembly last month. Rather than standing up and vetoing measures she knew and understood to be counter-productive, she opted for the path of least resistance — either holding her nose and signing, or simply allowing a proposal to become law without taking any action.

The Sierra Club's take?

We are disappointed that the Governor chose not to veto these bills. All three measures primarily benefit developers at the expense of North Carolina’s taxpayers, who will end up paying more in the long run to deal with the increased costs of failing to address sea level rise as well as water pollution caused by poorly planned development.


My view?

Given that I'm on one of my "be nice" binges, I must report that my own view of this sad situation is too harsh to put into words.