Owed to Met Life

About ten years ago, Jane and I embarked on a plan to address the challenge of dealing with long-term care. After careful research, we chose an insurance policy from Met Life on the recommendation of a friend. Today we got a letter that will end that relationship.

"I am sending you this letter to inform you that we are implementing a 25% premium increase on your long term care insurance policy which was issued in North Carolina. Please note that while a larger increase was justified and could have been requested, MetLife requested a 58% increase and after discussion with the North Carolina Department of Insurance, has agreed to implement a 25% increase on your policy indicated above." It is important that you be awares ... that MetlLife has the right to increase rates in the future.

In other words,

We wanted to screw you over even more, but couldn't get the Department of Insurance to go along. But don't worry. We'll get you next year.

Upon reflection, I have nothing good to say about MetLife. With a CEO who earns upwards of $13 million a year, they're simply another predatory insurance company. And I'm happy to report that after next year, I will no longer be one of their customers.


Health Care out of Control

Met Life's CEO earns $13 Million a year. That's actually a little below average for most big health care conglomerates. With a salary of $13M and a single Tylenol costing $45 and health care costs 17% of the GDP (nearly $300B annually), now can you understand why we need to reform health care. The ACA is not the entire answer...but it's a start. Lets build on this start and make it better.

I've got a similar problem

After reviewing my mom's (MetLife) long-term care policy, it appears sometime in the last five years a major change to the policy occurred. Her premiums are about the same, but the total payout on the policy dropped drastically. Like $50,000 worth, which amounts to more than a year of nursing home care, simply gone.

She doesn't remember why, but I'm beginning to think they gave her the option for a huge premium increase or a decrease in coverage. And I am beyond pissed off.

We did the same @10 years ago, but with GE Financial

Our premiums have remained level and not using the policy during the past has increased some of the benefits. We also got an inflation rider. Should have opter for a higher % of inflation, but that's water under the bridge now.

Stan Bozarth

James Tossed Under The Bus By Met Life & State

When you watch the 1% Corporate Super Bowl this coming Feb at the Meadow Lands in New Jersey in their Stadium, remember one thing, They don't called it the Met-Life Stadium for nothing..Met-Life pays the New Jersey and New York Sports Authority 13.5 million a year for the use of their name on the Stadium.. Let's all pray to the Great Alien Lizard that the worst snowstorm in known history hits the place and blame it on Global warning and the Idiot who dream up the idea to hold the Super Bowl in a open area in Feb for Corporate Greed.......

James! Sue the NFL and Met-Life for fraud and demand a refund for 50,000 Super Bowl Tickets..

I wonder ...

...if Charlie Brown knew.

Good Grief!

WTF Happen To Snoopy?

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Good News.. Snoopy joined the Ukraine " GOP Senator John McCain" Freedom movement and is now a confirmed Nazi in the Ukraine Freedom Air Force..Last week He bomb in Moscow as a " Comic Relief" Student in the GOP Red Threat Training Program..

" Don't blame me!!!!!! I voted for Putin in 2012!

After $94 Million from NC taxpayers

One would think MetLife would have been satisfied.


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