Pat McCrory: breaking his campaign promises in record time

Although Pat McCrory campaigned as a "political outsider" who would root out special interests and reject "business as usual," the truth is this: before he even took office, McCrory had broken his campaign promises and surrounded himself with veterans of the good ole boy network.

Progress North Carolina has set up a special website to catalogue the proof of this. Please share our new accountability website graphics with others so people understand: we need to watch this guy closely. See the website here. Or you can review its contents after the jump.

Within days of winning the election, Pat McCrory broke his campaign promise to keep special interests out of state government. He has surrounded himself with veterans of the good ole boy network and plunged headlong into conflicts of interest unbecoming of our state’s highest office.

A new political group affiliated with McCrory and founded by his campaign staffers has been peddling exclusive luxury resort retreats that promise participants the chance to discuss policy with McCrory behind closed doors. This opportunity is being given only to those who buy $50,000 and $25,000 memberships in the group.

Pat McCrory isn’t shy about rewarding big campaign donors with plum jobs in his administration. For example, his campaign chair Aldona Wos was selected as his Secretary for Health and Human Services. Wos, her family and family business employees gave more than $200,000 to the McCrory campaign.

Art Pope is NC’s financier of the far right. He’s bankrolled dozens of Republican candidates and campaigns. Now, McCrory has appointed him Deputy Budget Director — giving Pope unprecedented control over budget, revenue, and tax decisions in NC. Pope now has the power to force bare bones government by starving our state of revenues.

A new political nonprofit formed to “promote McCrory’s priorities” is raising money by sponsoring an inauguration ball that competes with the Junior League Inauguration Ball — a North Carolina tradition that has longed raised money for local charities across the state.


Yes and

Thank you for not dignifying McCrory with the title of "governor."

He is and will always be nothing more than the Deputy Assistant Governor ... a new position created exclusively for him by Governor Pope.

Nice job.