Pat McCrory's dangerous school privatization scheme

It's hard to know where the most damage would occur if Pat McCrory's dream of being governor were to become reality. North Carolina's majestic natural environment would become a dumping ground for polluters. Women's vaginas would become a playground for theocrats like Skip Stam. And public schools would become a battleground for a constitutional crisis.

Pat McCrory's plans will gut public schools. Even after over a billion dollars in education cuts that he supported, McCrory wants to cut more public school funding through vouchers.

To understand exactly why McCrory's scheme is so dangerous, read this concise and alarming report by the Education and Law Project of the NC Justice Center - Empty Chairs.

It should not be the responsibility of parents to dig into their pockets for money when the North Carolina General Assembly has the constitutional responsibility of providing a sound basic education for every student in the state. The legislature does not have the constitutional responsibility to create tax breaks for corporations. Rather than trying to shirk the responsibility of providing a high-quality education and passing the 4,000 bucks off to private schools, the legislature needs to get serious about funding public schools.