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N&O paywall up

I don't often follow links to the N&O, but I did follow one this morning from a Facebook post. Looks like they've finally bitten the bullet and established a pay wall. It makes sense to me that media outlets would charge for the content they're creating ... they should have been doing it all along.

That said, the N&O is neither the only game in town nor the best source of political coverage, having been upstaged this year by Mark Binker and Laura Leslie at WRAL. TV stations, of course, have long been in the business of giving away their content in exchange for advertising dollars.

It'll be interesting to see how all this plays out.

In the meantime, please refrain from using links to N&O stories here at BlueNC.


It's great that the N&O has put up a paywall, but as a result BlueNC won't link to their site anymore? I hope we'll remember how easy it was to reconcile that particular bit of cognitive dissonance the next time we're up in here wringing hands about why mainstream journalists don't investigate more. And while WRAL may have had the jump on the N&O on breaking news and the daily roll call of horrors during the session, the N&O was at least as good on investigative reporting and context. Is it really that much of a hassle to encounter a paywall?

I'm not sure we'll all be so sanguine about reliance on broadcast advertising when the Pope/Woodhouse/ALEC media-buying machine cranks up again.

Speaking for myself,

which may coincide with some of James' motivations on this, not linking to the N&O is more about respecting the value they place on their content than it is a rejection of such. Also, I personally don't like linking to such sites, because I don't want my readers to become interested in a story, and then be forced to make a financial decision when they follow a link to learn more.


I've been using N&O all morning and have not encountered a paywall. Even if I did, I would not want you to stop using links to paywall sites. I appreciate the links to articles that I might miss and it increases the reliability of your site if you have other sources of documentation. The Washington Post and the NY Times often have articles that I want to read as well. I pick what's important to me. Please let your readers/followers use their own judgment.


My point was that I can't open their links. Might just be me. Feel free to use links all you want. Just be aware that at least one person can't follow them. Like I said. It might just be me.

PS. Might also be because I'm

PS. Might also be because I'm using an iPhone in the mountains. :)

This just might be nothing new

If I'm not mistaken, the N&O instituted some sort of content limit per time some time ago. If you link to a lot of their articles in a relatively small amount of time, they ask you to "sign up" (paywall). But if you wait awhile, the counter resets and you get full free access again.

Maybe this is a sign to enjoy the mountains for awhile and try again later. :-) Anyway, it's a theory you can test.

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Paywall at N&O, not new

The paywall supposedly went up months ago. I have encountered it before now. Wonder what the real change is in the N&O charging for content--if any. I suspect your coming up on the paywall was because you used an unrecognized I-Phone.

Martha Brock

Bozos vs military

I looked up the 2013 military pay scale. An E-9 with 18 years service earns a base pay that comes to just under $65K/year.

That is how screwed up the people are in Raleigh.


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