This is pathetic

After ignoring the will of the people on public education, tax reform, and voter suppression, Deputy Dawg now wants our help to keep the legislature from completely destroying the reputation of North Carolina.

Gov. Pat McCrory is urging the public to help him preserve a pair of vetoes he issued this week on legislation related to immigration and welfare benefits.

McCrory knows as well as you do that the ideologues in the General Assembly couldn't care less about what the people of this state want. His appeal to citizens is just another half-baked publicity stunt.



He knew that a veto of such stupid legislation would make his image as a 'moderate' appear real. However, the laws themselves are so insipid that they'll affect only a few individuals, and thus not effect the conservative gerrymandered electorate. To have used his veto in a meaning way, ie making the legislators actually think about the shit they enacted. No! He probably considers this a 'win/win' situation. It's such an obvious ploy that it'll be of little value. My guess is, the veto is over ridden.