Patriotic greed

What's the easiest way to recognize a government-hating social conservative? They're all lined up and slopping at the public trough.

The defense industry is not a game for you if you’re weak at heart.

It's definitely not a game for the weak at heart, but it's still a multibillion dollar game. And just for the record, not a single one of these patriotic defense contractors built their businesses without government help.


Over a half-million workers

Over a half-million workers in this country owe their steady paychecks, homes, cars, kids' education and pensions to the self-made, private-sector entrepreneurs of the American defense industry.

Your Defense Industry: created to meet demand for fine consumer products like the F-22 Raptor, the fuel-efficient M1 Abrams tank, Tomahawk cruise missiles, the new Zumwalt-class guided missile destroyer, and the Hellfire-equipped Predator drone. Predator -- for when you really want to reach out and touch someone.

Free-Market Capitalism -- because We the People never created a job.

Middle Class Despair

1945-1980 were Great Middle Class Years.
Affordable Education-Homes-Health Care-Jobs Jobs-Unions-Pensions
Each percentile gained, percentage, in Income and Wealth almost evenly

Reagan and Neo-Cons came on in 1981.
Ir was intentional ENRICH Wall Street ditch Middle Class.
1945-1% owned 30% Total Financial Wealth
1980-1% owned 20% 1989-36% (Ron big tax cuts for 1%)
400 richest had 104M average income in 2002 and 214 Million in 2005.

2008--Bush Finished the Job
1%=43% Total Financial Wealth
80%=7%-=120,000,000 workers=SHAFTED
INCOME-1979 to 2007 top 1% income grew by 281%--highest fifth by 95%--middle fifth by 25% and lowest fifth by 16%. Average income of top 1% increased by $973,000.The rich-poor gap tripled in 28 years.
Legislation by the Bush Administration with 1.7 Trillion in tax cuts increased the concentration of after-tax income. Bottom fifth got an average cut of $29; middle fifth got $760 and top 1% got $41,077 cut.
20 years 3 Conservative presidents
18 years Conservative Senate
12 years Conservative House
Bush 8 let Wall Street go into Big Time Gambling
Instead of using investors money to create new businesses and increase current ones and create Jobs. Disgrace.
They created 31,000 Net New Jobs per Month. A shame.
Prior were Carter 218,000--Reagan 175,000--Clinton record 237.000
31,000 was an insult to 120,000,000 working Americans. Lowest number since Hoover.
Rich got ultra rich without adding Value to our economy
During Bush 8 --Wall Street shipped 2,300,000 of our jobs to China.
It will take creation of 250,00 new jobs per month for five years to get back to full employment (95%)

The Conservative ideology of Market knows best gave us Great Depression and Great Recession. Even Ultra Conservative Alan Greenspan had to admit it.

Since 1980
60% Tax Cut to Top 1%
47% Tax Cut to Gamblers on Wall Street in Unearned Income Tax
Huge Estate Tax Cut
Revenue Sharing costs to rich in income taxes transferred to Middle Class in property taxes.
Fed gave Bush 1% Interest and big increase in Total Money Supply
1920's Deja Vu. Banks rushed to borrow and lend lend lend to Developers
to build homes too large-too expensive for middle class declining disposable income
Increased Middle Class Payroll Tax
Taxes SS income
Five Cent Tax On Gas
Spending Spree on Defense which enriched Rich Investors in Defense
The Big Three took a 1000B of Debt from Carter and added on 8000B in 20 years of Spend + Borrow Our kids Can Pay Tomorrow.

Carter left Reagan a 600B Budget to which he added on 80%.
Carter left Reagan a less than 1000B of Debt and he added on 1700B
Clinton left Bush an 1800 B Budget which Bush took to 3600B..
Clinton left Bush a Surplus as far as an eye could see and Bush added on
6000B Debt or more than we had after 220 years. Grover Nutquist had a party..
Three so called Conservative presidents since 1980
added 99,000 net new jobs per month to Carter-Clinton 222,000 per month

Folks! It was intentional. Grover Nutquist of ATR made 127 visits to White House in Bush first term. He was one who wanted to drown Government in a bathtub..How! Spend and Borrow to force us to eliminate Social Programs.
He has us, in 2010, exactly where he wanted us.
Facts hurt. Democrats are just dumb to not preach it over and over
8 more of Neo-cons And American World Status will disappear to number two or three or worse.
Neo-con ideology destroyed Rome-Spain-Holland-England and now America?
cswinney old ugly mean honest

prove me wrong please with facts and numbers not opinions

clarence swinney