Patsy Keever and Eric Clapton

The good folks at Blue America are lending a hand to help North Carolina elect a truly independent Democrat, Patsy Keever. You can join the cause by making a contribution, which will also give you the chance to win a rare and valuable RIAA-certified double platinum record award for the Eric Clapton/B.B. King masterpiece, called Riding with the King.

Check it out.


Put McHenry out of our misery

Let's all (everyone who loves BlueNC) pool our dollars behind Patsy Keever and send Patrick McHenry packing. As I see it, this is the only way to counter these SuperPACs right now. Use our collective power to take out these useless Repubs one at a time if we have to.

Every little bit helps

If you can make any contribution at all, please do. It all adds up.

Keever is an excellent candidate and is definitely worthy of your support. Plus, she's running against one of the biggest sleazeballs in Congress. Even Republicans are embarrassed by McHenry.

Please make whatever contribution you can.