Paul Coble showing his contempt for NAACP



In this case, "y'all" is code for

"You colored troublemakers." Coble is way past his "use by" date, and is starting to stink up the fridge...

Interesting that no one else

Interesting that no one else (besides Coble) viewed entering the offices as being out of bounds. I don't believe he has a law degree so I'm not sure he has any particular expertise in the nuances of what constitutes private as opposed to public in the legislative building. He certainly lacks any tact regarding how to deal with political opponents, but wait as Legislative Service Officer wouldn't he be expected to be nonpartisan in dealing with the public? He would have been wise to have stepped back and allowed the citizens to present their letters, say their piece and move on. Instead he appeared to want to escalate the encounters. Moore and Bergers people seems to handle it properly.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Yeah, he's way off-base

Those outer offices are designed to be reception areas, and open to the public, which is why so many questions were asked about getting an appointment. And that comment about having them arrested is bound to violate some rule or another. If not an actual law.

Coble is a jackass, and I'd love to see him put in his place.

Only a right-wing nutter

would think about using the shooting of a Republican Congressman in Virginia to justify threatening to arrest these young NAACP advocates:

What kind of paranoid world does this guy live in?

Anthrax on a sheet of paper - no envelope?

That would be the suicide bomber version of a letter -- did doofus not watch the video? The letter was handed - sans envelope - to the assistant/receptionist/whatever.


The chemical engineers at the NC NAACP (I could stop this joke right now and it would be hilarious) have been working in shifts (or right there) to develop a weaponized Ink composite that breaks down from thumb juice and infiltrates the bloodstream via paper cuts...