Paul "Skip" Stam strikes again

You can now add Fracking to the Legacy of Paul "Skip" Stam.

When Legislator Carney accidentally hit the wrong button during the Fracking override vote, House Majority Leader Stam used a procedural motion to prevent the Bill from being reconsidered, (which did not allow Carney to correct her mistake).

And so Paul "Skip" Stam was victorious again, this time in regard to blocking an obvious error made by a legislator.

To summarize, Stam's record since May has been personally triumphant, but not for the state of N.C. First, he was successful in seeing Amendment One added to the North Carolina Constitution. As the architect of this discrimination, he could take pride in saying that he was responsible for the victory. His lone defeat came with the rejection of tax credits for corporations that give scholarship money to private schools. Another attempt to privatize education may have failed, but he could later take joy in the fact that the Governor's veto of the state budget was over-ridden. This budget did not adequately fund public schools. Finally, Representative Stam succeeded in having the Governor's veto over-ridden in his gutting of the Racial Justice Act. Stam would later call this "real justice".

Representative Stam has said that he is running again because his work in the N.C Legislature is not finished. I am running so the voters of District 37 can tell him otherwise.


Stam is the moral equivalent

of a tapeworm, eating North Carolina's integrity from the inside out.

Barry Yeoman said it more graciously

Found on Facebook:

"I covered North Carolina politics for 14 years at The Independent Weekly, so I know how ugly the partisan warfare can get. But overhauling the state's energy policy because one tired Democrat pressed the wrong button late at night, even though she immediately recognized her mistake and tried to change their vote? That speaks to a leadership that has lost its humanity."

Pitty poor Rep Carney

Despite my anger at Stam, I read online that Tillis refused to recognize Carney under House Rules on "The crazy late-night vote that legalized fracking in North Carolina." Read about the erroneous vote and the bill's passing at "The crazy late-night vote that legalized fracking in North Carolina," from The Institute for Southern Studies.

Just wondering if the marathon session and fatigue are to blame for this monstrosity of a law being passed...

The Raleigh Report from the NC Council of Churches and the N&O also report that it was a ruling from the Speaker that prevented a change in Carney's accidental yes vote on the fracking bill.
This is from email report from NC Council:

Then, after 10:00 last night, the General Assembly turned to fracking. When the vote was taken at about 11:00 p.m. , it came out as 72-47. But one legislator (Becky Carney of Charlotte ) immediately reported that she had mis-voted, voting for the override when she meant to vote for the veto.

The House leadership pointed out that House rules prohibit a legislator from changing how he/she voted if changing the vote would change the outcome of the vote. So, even though Rep. Carney immediately noted and reported her mistake, she was not allowed to correct her vote, and the veto override was done. Six Democrats (including Rep. Carney) voted for fracking, while two Republicans voted against...

Martha Brock


this comparison is an insult to tapeworms


Rep. Suzi Hamilton, New Hanover, we will remember Ms. Hamilton.

Ungentlemanly, nasty, and ugly

That's what Paul Stam's behavior was.