Pelosi and Reid Joint Statement

Madame Speaker and the Senate Majority leader issue a joint press release in response to the President's SOTU speech. Pay particular attention to the third paragraph. I guess the Republicans finally got their up or down vote wish.



Text of Pelosi/Reid third paragraph:

“Unfortunately, tonight the President demonstrated he has not listened to Americans' single greatest concern: the war in Iraq. The overwhelming majority of Americans, military leaders, and a bipartisan coalition in Congress oppose the President's plan to escalate the war. Democrats, Republicans, and the bipartisan Iraq Study Group have offered the President a plan to end our open-ended commitment to Iraq, transition the U.S. mission, and begin the phased redeployment of American troops. While the President continues to ignore the will of the country, Congress will not ignore this President's failed policy. His plan will receive an up-or-down vote in both the House and the Senate, and we will continue to hold him accountable for changing course in Iraq.


I don't know how to do the "Block Quote". So, as you have in the past, please impart your wisdom so that I may not look so, well, dumb.


The simplest thing to do is:

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I don't know how to do the "Block Quote".

Just make sure all the text you want to quote is inside the tags:

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Be careful what you wish for, eh?

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Stephanie Miller does a great job with that line . . . almost every morning. She's on WCHL 1360 in Chapel Hill. And also on the tubes.