Penultimate week of Democracy Summer

Greenville Team: "(Nearly) Closing Thoughts"

It’s been a long, fun, productive summer, and I’m taking time to reflect on what I’ve learned, both about organizing and myself. We’re gearing up for a busy final week!

Fayetteville Team: "Raising Voter Turnout in Cumberland County"

My efforts to raise voter turnout all across the southeastern region have been dynamic, creative, and borderline exhaustive.

Charlotte Team: "Some Good Things Come to an End, but Greater Things Arise"

As we have reached the home stretch of our Democracy Summer experience, there lingers this sense of “sadness” amidst the enthusiasm and excitement of each day.

Next week is the last week for this crazy 10 week experience called Democracy Summer. I hope you have all enjoyed hearing from our interns all summer. I'll only be posting one more set of clips for Democracy Summer next week, at least until next year. You can check out the blog entries from throughout the summer here:

If you know of any undergraduates interested in nonpartisan civic engagement, politics, social justice, and organizing (and getting paid to do so!), then make sure they keep an eye on our website during 2013 so they can apply to join the team next year!


Wake County Early Voting Planning

One of the things the interns have been doing is increasing public awareness about County Board of Elections meetings so that the public knows they can have a say when it comes to having accessible early voting sites and hours.

I just heard that the Wake County Board of Elections is having a meeting tomorrow. Here are the details. If you live in Wake County this could be a good opportunity to share your thoughts about what early voting hours would best serve Wake County residents.

Want to make sure Wake County has a good early voting plan? Come advocate as they make their decision!
Wake County Board of Elections Meeting
When: Friday, July 20 at 9:00 AM
Location: Wake Co BOE Office: 337 S. Salisbury St. Raleigh, NC 27601 View parking information.
Please arrive before 9:00 so you can find your way to the appropriate room.

As it has been said, decisions are made by those who show up!


See WakeVerifiedVoting's post below for corrected details

The BOE meeting isn't in the BOE office

It's on the 7th floor of the Wake County Courthouse, where the Wake County Commissioners hold their meetings.

The elevators in the courthouse take forever to travel, so I'd get there WAY BEFORE 9 AM.

And for that matter - not sure why they couldn't hold the meeting in the big conference room on the ground floor where they just did Early Voting. The room might actually hold more people than the County Commissioners room on the 7th floor of the courthouse and no one would have to deal with the elevators.

People will be able to sign up to speak with a 2-minute limit.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Good heads up!