Pittsboro Mayor Randy Voller: Bob Geary's piece

From the Independent Weekly piece by Bob Geary:

"I won't belabor how much trouble the Democrats are in, but a few things are worth mentioning.

One is the virtual certainty that the General Assembly will end the state income tax check-off for political parties. That's the system that allows us to assign $3 of our taxes to the state Democrats or the state Republicans. Democrats get far more from it—upward of $600,000 a year and sometimes twice that—while Republicans consider it welfare for politicians. Consider it gone.

Also, the Republicans are shameless about taking contributions from companies and individuals who want something out of state government, the very "pay to play" tactics they denounced when the Democrats were in charge. Expect these "transactional donations," as Voller calls them, to set records on the Republican side but be scarce for Democrats.

Finally, the top elected Democrats, Attorney General Roy Cooper and Treasurer Janet Cowell, are constrained by their offices from leading a partisan charge. A new breed of promising Democrats in the General Assembly includes House Minority Leader Larry Hall of Durham and Sen. Josh Stein of Raleigh. But they'll have their hands full battling the raft of bad Republican bills coming their way..."

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Note to Larry Hall and Josh Stein

Don't spend your energy battling Republicans in the General Assembly. If I were you, I wouldn't even show up. Voting "no" on toxic legislation that is guaranteed to pass should not be considered a badge of anything. Don't waste your time talking to these assholes. Let them off the deep end all by themselves.

Geary slights other Dems on Council of State?

Geary wrote that the "top Democrats" are Cooper and Cowell. What exactly does he base that statement on? And is that a fair or accurate way to categorize the SIX (not just two) elected Democrats on the Council of State? Each of the Democrats on the Council of State is fighting for a progressive NC in her or his own way. Secretary of State Marshall and Insurance Commissioner Goodwin, for example, are the only two on the Council of State that barnstorm the state whether it is an election year or not, have held party positions on the grassroots level, and have populist street cred. But I don't even want to separate them out because in my book all six of the Democrats on the Council of State are "top elected Democrats". Geary's accidental slight is one we should try not to repeat if we want people to know who are our new breed of leaders now that there is neither a Democratic Governor nor Lt Governor.

Doubt it was 'accidental'

I think Geary was probably thinking in terms of electability and the likelihood of running for governor. If I were, I would go with Cooper and Cowell, too. Not a slight to others, but just realistic assessment of the likelihood of running.

I hope Bob will read and explain, however, as I have limited mind-reading abilities. Elaine Marshall gets high marks as Sec. of State and has run strong races, but will she run for Governor? I don't think so.

If I were to round out the people at the top to watch, I would add Beth Wood as State Auditor, but few auditors have made the leap to governor. She tends to draw support from folks with Rs and Us in their registration info--not just Democrats.

Martha Brock

A team of rivals to watch

If you've looked at the campaigns of and fundraising by Beth Wood during her two elections, I do not see her making a leap for Governor at all. Though I do agree with you that she drew bipartisan support in her 2012 re-election, so did Marshall, Goodwin, Cowell, Cooper and Atkinson, who all drew strongly from Rs and Unaffiliated voters, not just Democrats. We must note that Cooper had no opposition!

Like you, not having any mind-reading abilities, what I'm about to share is a pure guess. I believe current elected Democrats who are potential, credible, electable future candidates for Governor are Cooper, Cowell, Goodwin, and Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx.