Please join us in supporting Valerie Foushee for NC House

This Wednesday afternoon, my wife Jane Brown will host our first fundraiser of the season ... this one for Valerie Foushee. Anyone reading this is invited to come with your checkbook in hand!

Lillian's List is endorsing Valerie, so you know she's been thoroughly vetted to be solidly progressive and pro-woman. Invitation details here.

In my view, Valerie is a terrific NC House candidate, running a strong campaign in a wildly gerrymandered district against an extremist teabagger. Valerie is thoughtful on all the issues, but two of her priorities really appeal to me.

Restore funding to all levels of education
Education is the foundation of our future. North Carolina’s children must be prepared to begin school and have meaningful access to early intervention and early failure prevention. In order to be competitive nationally and globally, we must support our K – 12 programs and strengthen our community colleges and public universities.

Restore transparency to government

Citizens have the right to be informed and aware of actions taken and about to be taken by our legislature, to provide meaningful input, and to know that the process is fair.

The key word here is "restore." And Valerie is one of the people we need in Raleigh to get that work done. Please come if you can, and if you can't, don't hesitate to make a contribution online.


She also opposed amendment 1

Which she mentioned at this previous event:

Feel free to come, Jake

It's on me ... you can document and blog it!


I appreciate the invite

but I'll be working tomorrow evening. Good luck with the event though!

How'd it go?

How did the event go?

Here's a shot Ted got of Valerie speaking at the Booker Creek meet & greet to a dozen or so locals:

It was a great event!

Valerie Foushee is as solid as a rock. We had a big crowd on hand and I'm sure we surpassed her goals for the event.

Very cool!

There's a big sign for her opponent that I pass by on my way to and from work most days. It's too text heavy for a sign that is supposed to be seen while driving, but I think it basically says vote for him because he supports photo ID.

Pro-amendment sign

I just drove by one of the few yards in Durham County that I remember having pro-discriminatory amendment signs up back during the primary. Now their yard has signs for Foushee's opponent. Makes me all the more excited to vote for her.