Plutocracy NC

Back when capitalism existed, vendors of goods and services competed with each other to offer the highest possible quality for the lowest possible price to attract customers.

Back when democracy existed, political parties offered opposing view points and solutions to common problems and these issues were discussed in open debate.

Today in NC our economic and political system is corporatism, which does not follow the laws of capitalism or democracy. Corporatism seeks to control supply, control demand, conspire to fix prices, eliminate economic competition, reduce wages, and undermine our democratic institutions with bribery.

In a corporate economy, large corporations conspire to reduce supply, lower quality, manipulate demand, reduce the field of competitors to a small band of conspirators, reduce wages and increase prices.

If you think there is no basis for my argument, look no further than the actions orchestrated by the Republicans in the NC GA over the course of the last two weeks.

Republican Bill Rabon introduced SB10 that wiped out membership on key commissions, notably Utilities, Environment, Judicial, and Labor.

Republican Sen. Mike Hager,chairman of the NC Senate Utilities Committee, a man with some dubious real estate practices and a former engineer for Duke Energy, is waiting in the wings to attack 2007 SB3, a bill written by Duke, but opposed by ALEC.

In the Governor's mansion sits an ineffectual rube, corporate lap dog, and former Duke Energy employee waiting to sign anything they tell him to.

Conservatism is the enemy and destroyer of democracy and capitalism in NC. Their plan is to cut taxes on the wealthy and corporations, reduce spending and revenue, and foist that responsibility on the lower and middle class through "tax reform".

What corporatism is doing to us is this: Corporations learned it is cheaper to buy politicians, who will ensure their economic demands are met, and it is more profitable to overwork existing employees without raising salaries, than hiring new ones.

The presence of a large unemployed class, virtually ensured by their unprecedented attack on the UI benefits of tens of thousands of NC families, motivates workers to accept any kind of abuse to keep their jobs and it keeps wages low.

The Liberal successes of the past- the living wage, the 40 hr. work week, the 8 hr. day, work place safety, laws against pollution, etc., are being dismantled by corporations and their Republican handmaidens in the NC General Assembly.

But what do I know, I'm just a dumb ass concrete finisher.


3rd world status quo

We went to the mall today. First time in 3 years for me. JC Penny had one employed person on the main floor to service costumers.

The current thinking of corporations is why pay ten low wages when you can dump all the work on one poor individual. The stupidity is, if you think one or two moves ahead on the chess board, who is left to buy your cheap stuff when everyone else is unemployed?

Corporations have turned the US into a third rate, tarnished ghost of our former glory with the help of the plutocrats.


I've come to believe that neo-conservative thought is an infectious disease, fortunately the demographic for those who are susceptible is an ever shrinking one.
My grandparents were New Deal Democrats, my grandfather was the director and electrical engineer for the REC in Calhoun County, Iowa for 35 years. My parents were Republican, my dad was the president of a small farm town bank, a real 6-3-6 banker, chairman of the Calhoun County Republican party for a few years and an Eisenhower Republican. It made for interesting conversations when we got together for family dinners.
But, while they may have been Republican fiscal conservatives, they were also socially liberal. My mom organized one the first inter-racial student conferences on civil rights at Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa in the fifties, registered minority voters in the south, and attended the Chicago Seven trial in the 60's.
Those Republicans had a sense of social responsibility that has been absent for a long time. I never would have believed that in my life time, Barry Goldwater would be too left wing for the GOP, and that is a VERY disturbing thought.

David Esmay