Politico Hit Piece-On NCDP

The attacks on Parker, which were predicted, are supposedly validated in this hit piece, written by some folks here in NC who do not share any liking for David Parker. It is a piece of trash and many here know who helped with this tripe.

Politico: Democrats go to Plan B in North Carolina By: Alexander Burns and Maggie Haberman, June 1, 2012 04:12 PM EDT; http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0612/76966.html

The tenor of the article is, "You stupid children had your turn and now we the adults are taking over and we will freeze Parker out since we could not ruin him previously." That is really adult behaviour from our Lt. Gov and his folks, and I smell some consultants in the background. So, it is warfare and we will see how the folks involved fare. The Raleigh crowd are out to revenge the decision that the SEC made, and want to relegate the party members to the hustings and outhouses for good so they can use the NCDP to launder money as they wish. There is absolutely no intent or interest in developing the Democratic Party in NC. Gary Pearce, partner and confidante (and whatever else) of Carter Wrenn, really distinguished himself in this Politico piece.

So, who is looking out for the Democratic Party and its members. In November, Obama has no further uses for it, win or lose. Thanks to redistricting, we will likely only have 3 house members. The dominant force in NC Democratic politics is now OFA. The wins we get in 2012 will be thanks to OFA I believe. How did we get to this sorry, sorry state. Why did the senior elected Democratic officials in 2009 and 2010 not understand what was coming in 2010? Well, they did not. Now do they really understand the lay of the land. If what I think is correct, after the election, it will take four to five years to rebuild the NC Democratic Party. And, it will revert to the property of the Governor (if we have that office) and to the legislature if no Dem governor. Well all you folks have fun with the long knives, hear that Walter. Thanks for your continued follies. Walter to NC Democrats, "Get Stuffed", Vote for me.


Other than Pearce...

...the rest of the "politicos" were too gutless to be quoted by name, even though I am sure most of them have been happy to see their names in print connected with this story in the past.

But I did notice that some interesting details that are kinda glossed-over:

DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse expressed confidence that years’ worth of organizing by Team Obama would pay off for the president.

“Through Organizing for America, we’ve been building an unrivaled organization in North Carolina over the past several years — registering voters, testing our organization in down ballot races, and enlisting the support of thousands of volunteers,” he said. “Those efforts continue and stand in stark contrast to the Republicans who have declined to build any ground game in North Carolina.”

Years worth of organizing might pay off for Obama, but not for anyone else. What happened to all those voters registered in 2008 - they never showed up in 2010! Hell - in many post Nov 2008 races the voters never showed up either. They only showed up when Obama was on the ballot because everything done by OFA is pretty much Obama-centric. And while he is our candidate - he's not the ONLY candidate on the ballot.

OFA methods did not do very well after the November 2008 election. The historic ass-kicking we get in 2008 was not only proof that Obama-centric methods don't work - but were proof that the very 50-state and 100-county strategies that the Obama campaign began dismantling in June 2008 should be brought back. Party-building and really empowering party officers and volunteers really does work. The problem is that some of our more charismatic leaders (along with the big money donors and consultants) don't like grassroots up - we are a threat to the whole money laundering machine.

So what are these stodgy old fart consultants really saying? They are saying that they don't want to launder money through the NCDP anymore. That might actually not be that bad of an idea. Oh - while you are at it boys - why not find other people to hump your candidate's literature this summer, and find someone else to stand out in the rain or cold weather in November asking people to vote for you. Because you will find out that if you keep trying to stab the Party in the back - you just might really piss off the grassroots volunteers that make up the base of the people you are counting on to get you elected.

Do you really think you can win this pissing contest by losing in November?

And why are so many consultants involved in this?

“The Obama campaign appears to be dug in here and committed and working here,” said veteran North Carolina Democratic strategist Gary Pearce, a former adviser to four-term Gov. Jim Hunt. “The talk here is the Obama campaign and the [Lt. Gov. Walter] Dalton campaign feel pretty confident they can work around [Parker.]”

“The problem is,” he added, “who’s going to trust David Parker with a few million dollars? Well, nobody.”

The real problem is that the consultants can't trust that they will get their same piece of the action that they got in 2008. Consultants got $1.9 million (or 27%) of a little more than $7 million that ran through the NCDP in 2008. David Parker and Jay Parmley were re-evaluating the way consultants did business with the State Party - meaning they were a threat to the money the "Good Old Boys" (and they do seem to be boys - don't they?) were gonna make. These were the same people who made big money in 2010 and STILL lost our State, so why should the NCDP just keep throwing money at them?

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

2010 was not just a NC phenom

Both Congressional and Legislative seats were lost nationwide, and it was mostly due to a sustained recession. Voters wanted to try something different, and that's what they got.

But the deeper the Republicans' austerity measures cut, the more people will be negatively impacted, and the tide will turn the other way. I don't know if that will happen by November, but it will happen.

What the Democratic Party needs to do (here and elsewhere) is stick to its principles, and continue to develop policy approaches that will preserve (what's left of) the middle class and provide upward mobility for the lower class. You do that and at least try not to do really stupid stuff, and we'll get out majorities back.

2010 was lost nationwide....

...due to the failure of OFA methods to work when Obama was not on the ballot.

We had so many former OFA staffers on the NCDP staff and working for the Democratic Party and campaigns all over the country. We also had OFA (Organizing For America) telling us they were going to help us out in 2010, but they failed utterly do really do anything worthwhile.

I remember hearing Lindsay Siler tell OFA volunteers that OFA waited a while to get involved in the Coakley-Brown race, but better late then never. Meaning that if they had not gotten involved doing phone banking the week before the race, Coakley would have lost by an even bigger margin.

What a load of crap! OFA methods haven't worked in any significant race since November 2008. And part of the bigger problem is that OFA has been sucking the oxygen out of the room and not letting state parties rebuild using proven 50-state/100-county methods (like those advocated by Howard Dean) that lead Obama and a WHOLE LOT OF OTHER CANDIDATES to victory in 2008.

That is one of the big problems we have in NC right now - after a Party veteran like David Parker wins election as NCDP Chair, the DNC dumps the convention into our laps, and that too has sucked all the oxygen out of the room.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Gary Pearce is a menace to Obama and the Democratic Party

The only Democratic source quoted in this damaging article from Politico is Gary Pearce. Thankfully, the author does not quote Pearce's recent advice that convinced James Carville that Obama will not carry North Carolina that was featured on CNN and linked to a story in the News & Observer.

Neither did the author quote Pearce's comments to The Daily Telegraph of London when he said that Obama could not be re-elected. Shortly after Pearce dissed Obama in the Telegraph, the Republican National Committee quoted him - and the News & Observer ran a story in Under the Dome about Pearce's gaffe.

When Pearce is not bashing Obama, he frequently turns his pop-guns on David Parker. Pearce has published several blogs on his website excoriating Parker. In one of his most trenchant anti-Parker blogs, Pearce claims that Art Pope controls the majority of the State Executive Committee. Pearce even claims that David Parker is a Manchurian Candidate backed by Art Pope.

In the same blog, Pearce disses "Howard Dean-inspired netroots activists that flooded the party." (Pearce may be dissing James.) That is an interesting conspiracy theory coming from Pearce, who has gone on record more than any other Democrat in NC bashing, berating and beating up on Obama.

Pearce even goes so far as to praise Art Pope's ability to manipulate the Democratic Party. Pearce's partner in his blog is, of course, Carter Wrenn, the former aide to the late Senator Jesse Helms. The two right-wingers represent a sort of downhome political odd couple mimicking a running political conversation between Barnie Fife and Gomer Pyle.

RNC quotes Democratic consultant (Gary Pearce)

Democrats doubt Barack Obama's reelection chances (Gary Pearce)

James Carville expresses doubts about whether Obama can carry NC (on CNN quotes Gary Pearce)

Talking About Politics - Gary Pearce & Carter Wrenn - The Manchurian Committee

Put down the doobie

James Carville did NOT say May 2012 that Obama will not carry North Carolina. Gary Pearce did NOT say August 2011 that Obama could not be re-elected. Gary Pearce's "Manchurian Candidate" post was satirical.

Carville, "The good news is we don't have to win North Carolina"

The big lie doesn't work all the time even though you wish it would. Carville said, "The good news is we don't have to win North Carolina. I mean that's stating the obvious." And, Carville attributed his opinion to Gary Pearce. Carville continued, "My good friend, Gary Pearce, was quoted extensively (unintelligible) acknowledging North Carolina's gonna be a tougher state for the president." Read: "Gary Pearce says Obama won't carry North Carolina even though the Democratic National Convention will be held in Charlotte."

Carville knows what Pearce says, because he feeds him his lines. Why do you think the Daily Telegraph of London quoted Pearce in August last year saying that Obama was too weak to be re-elected and Hillary Clinton should be the nominee in 2012?

Here's what Pearce told the Daily Telegraph when asked whether Obama would carry NC, "Democrats are worried. He looks weak, he doesn't say anything that grabs you, and people are looking for some kind of magic. (some activists were asking) "Do we need someone tougher to fight the tea party?" (and) "You see a yearning for a Bill Clinton-type approach and Hillary would reflect that. Obama is just a different political animal, he is a low-key guy," Gary Pearce added.

In 2008, Carville and his "good friend," Gary Pearce, worked diligently to defeat Obama in the NC presidential primary, but Obama won by a massive plurality of 15% that ended the myth of Hillary Clinton in the South. Carville and Pearce clearly wanted to remove Obama last year and install Hillary Clinton, but their plan didn't work. Hillary said, "Hell, no! I've had enough."

The Daily Telegraph didn't know who Gary Pearce was, but Carville told them to ring him for his juicy anti-Obama quote. The Republican National Committee noticed Pearce's blunder and promoted it in their news release. You can read the stories for yourself by clicking the links in the comment a few lines above.

The next thing the Clintonistas will try: Bill Clinton and James Carville will tour NC to take the Obama campaign off message and praise Mitt Romney as a highly principled corporate raider/vulture capitalist.

Clinton is already rehearsing his lines. In his latest interview with CNN, Clinton "veered off message" to praise Mitt Romney's "sterling business career."

Bill Clinton: Mitt Romney's business record 'sterling'

You're delusional

Neither said wouldn't or couldn't. I had previously examined their words. They both essentially said it will be tough, which is a reality that is plain to see.

What's really eating you is that you fancy yourself a trans-Atlantic political pundit more qualified to talk to the Telegraph than Pearce, who commands a wider audience and more respect, but you don't have the spine to say so in person.

The truth always hurts

The truth always hurts when you're part of those who can't see that the Emperor has no clothes.

What is clear is: Dalton wins or loses on his own brilliance

Folks mad with the outcome of May 19th SEC meeting are willing to totally destroy the NCDP and to hell with everyone else. Just read some more input by one of their partisans which borders on maniacal. And immediately they blame Parker for Dalton's impending defeat. What utter trash. Parker has no capability of either electing Dalton or not electing Dalton. So lets not set up that strawman (which the Tories have already done).

I have just one huge question for the MOTU in Raleigh, why did you not see the sense of the SEC prior to picking the fight? The folks in the SEC did not pick the fight. Was it simply wishful thinking or was there real incompetence involved (I opt for the latter with some of the former). And just how was it that a few emails from the hustings could disrupt the "Master Plan"? Was that also wishful ignorance also? So, while all the partisans of the other side throw the sink at the Parkerites, how do they defend their own short comings at political analysis? Well for one thing, they do not give flying rats ass for Joe or Jane Democrat. They play the tune and we all are just supposed to smile and dance and say "yassa massa, mo' please".

Parker does not, cannot, will not cause Dalton to lose, or win for a fact. So stop blowing that horn now.

PS: I and my friends will vote for Walter, anyway.



I got the email message yesterday from NCDP

announcing that Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden will be the keynote speaker at J-J -- the same Beau Biden who is the SON OF THE VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. As I recall it, rumors were rampant that DNC and the Obama Campaign would abandon and boycott the Old North State because the SEC rejected DP's resignation. Well, it looks like they came to their senses, if that was even true to begin with!