Poll results: Among voters, generation gap widens

"In a national USA TODAY/Gallup Poll,

most 65-and-older seniors support Romney while young adults under 30 back Obama by almost 2-1. The 18-percentage-point difference in their presidential choices is one of the electorate's biggest demographic divides, and it helps define campaign strategies for both sides...

"In some ways, the clashing generations reflect the changing face of America, especially when it comes to race and ethnicity. Among the seniors surveyed, 16% are Hispanic or racial minorities. Among those under 30, that proportion nearly triples, to 45%. Younger Americans overwhelmingly assess the nation's growing diversity as a good thing rather than a bad thing, by 56%-32%..."

This situation strikes me as great for political consultants and advertising advisers and bad for future policy making.


Most of the older voters I've spoken to about Romney

say they're voting for him because he looks presidential. I guess they'd vote for Vlad the Impaler if he wore a suit and had hair.

Stan Bozarth