Polls becoming worrisome for you?

It's time to verbalize what all solid Democrats, progressives and Obama supporters by any other name have been mentally wrestling with since the end of the first debate. Reality is that the polls are close enough to force all serious liberals to at least entertain the notion that President Obama could lose on November the 6th.

Before we start talking to Canadian or Costa Rican Realtors it's important to recognize that the operative words are COULD LOSE, not WILL LOSE. The difference between today and the immediate post convention period is a niggling feeling that the WILL LOSE is now a concept that can no longer easily be forced to reside in that corner of the mind, the unthinkable, where it has been until now.

So what is the prescription for treating these worrisome thoughts...EARLY VOTING. Early voting in North Carolina begins in 4 days and it is the solution to the problem. Go vote early and you will feel so much better knowing that your vote is now solidly supporting President Obama in his re-election bid.

About 60% of North Carolinians voted early in 2008 and you know how well that turned out. So go out and vote early, trust me you'll feel better about the possible November results. If you are not sure how or where to go for early voting just browse the site ncvoterinfo.org