Pope & McCrory set to misappropriate Golden Leaf money

And by misappropriate I mean steal, of course:

The centers still would receive $7.2 million annually, while Golden Leaf would receive nothing going forward. Art Pope, the state’s budget director, said Golden Leaf and the two centers have “cash already on hand” to fund their programs and don’t necessarily need at this point an annual replenishing.

It's not "annual replenishing", it's a court-ordered disbursement. The Foundation was created in the first place to make sure those monies were specifically targeted to create/enhance non-tobacco-related commerce, and to keep that money from being utilized for projects that don't create new economic engines. Here's the breakdown of those targeted funds:

Content Summary of SB 6--New State Tobacco Settlement Law
(Passes in long session of 1999).

1. 50 percent for a Community Foundation for Economic Development in tobacco
Dependent communities
--recently named the Golden LEAF Foundation.
- Governed by 15 member Board of Directors: Board appointments: 5 by the
Governor, 5 by the Speaker of the House and 5 by the Senate Pro Tempore.
(Health representative(s) may be appointed to the Board of Directors)

2. 25 percent to a Trust fund established by the General Assembly for the benefits of
health, with the trust to be governed by a board of trustees comprised of a broad
representation of health interests.

3. 25 percent to a Trust Fund established by a General Assembly for the benefit of
tobacco producers, tobacco allotment holders, persons engaged in tobacco-related

Bolding mine. I don't see anything in there about Art Pope deciding where to spend the money.


Who will sue them?

That's the only viable course of action.